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Suntsu’s TCXO Users Still Face Shortages in 2021

A shortage of semiconductor goods in the market is still a big challenge for the industry. The pressure on global supply chains can be felt across every sector, and Suntsu has recently expressed its concern regarding the shortage of Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillators (TCXO’s) to its customers.

SuntsuThe company had reported late last year that a fire at the Asahi Kasei Microsystems (AKM) factory in Japan was going to cause a shortage in the market and now 4 months later the situation is still the same. As ICs from AKM were their primary source for analog compensated TCXOs, Suntsu has been unable to meet even a fraction of the demand for those parts and stock from all manufacturers using the AKM IC has been gobbled up through the broker market.

Rumours were floating around recently that AKM was going to start coming back online with the help of Renesas Electronics and there was hope that supply would recover. Then recently, Renesas experienced a fire at their production facility and a bad situation got worse.

The elevated global demand on an already constrained semiconductor industry is driving even greater production delays, extended lead times, and elevated costs.

The company’s supply of digitally compensated TCXO IC’s is getting pinched in the process and deliveries to support TCXO production have become erratic and unreliable as their partners suffer from unprecedented demand on top of material and labor shortages down the entire supply chain.

Simply put, company’s ability to meet the demand from their customers has become severely compromised and their lead times for new orders are pushing out further every week as material becomes more and more constrained.

Suntsu is doing everything in their power to secure as much material and production allocation as possible, but the global situation remains fluid, and as such, so does their ability to produce parts. The company has assured to do their best to provide updated delivery schedules as expediently as possible.


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