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Sustainable Battery Solutions Showcased by Arrow and Oyika

To support local start-ups such as Oyika, Arrow established the NTU-Arrow Invent Lab in collaboration with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in April 2022.

Arrow Electronics has announced its support to Oyika in building battery swapping and charging solutions for electric motorbikes (e-motorbikes).

(from left: Michael Leong from Arrow, Albert Soerjonoto from Oyika, and Leslie Ong from Arrow)

Oyika helps accelerate and lower the barriers to EV adoption by setting up a network of battery swap stations and charging infrastructure for e-motorbikes, which operates seamlessly with its swappable smart batteries and mobile application.

Its battery swap service is bundled with third-party e-motorbikes through affordable subscription plans, similar to telco subscription plans bundling data and calls with third-party mobile phones.

Oyika solves three primary pain points for e-motorbike adoption, i.e. range anxiety, long charging times, and the upfront purchase cost of batteries. Having its smart batteries powered by affordable and reliable advanced electronics, which Arrow offers, Oyika collects reliable and valuable data to improve the efficiency of its batteries, thereby enhancing performance and prolonging battery life.

To support local start-ups such as Oyika, Arrow established the NTU-Arrow Invent Lab in collaboration with the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in April 2022. It is one of five worldwide Arrow Open Labs in key technology and innovation hubs. NTU-Arrow Invent Lab is an innovation and experimental platform where technology start-ups develop ideas, unleash creativity, and bring their inventions to life as they tap into Arrow’s global resources.

Arrow offers engineering guidance in power management, IoT (Internet of Things) telematics, battery management and component selection to help Oyika customise its core technology offering. Arrow engineers help Oyika develop its 4G IoT telematics which includes:

  • Tracking vehicle speed and location
  • Monitoring battery condition (parameters such as voltage, current, charge and discharge rate, temperature, vibration and humidity) to better track the location and health of its batteries and to ensure optimal performance
  • security and safety measures to prevent theft and loss of batteries and vehicles

Creating a sustainable future with technology

“We appreciate Arrow’s support in our development journey. Arrow’s established international network offers priceless value to start-ups like us to access the latest technologies and connect to world-class suppliers. With the support of the NTU-Arrow Invent Lab, our team could tap into Arrow’s engineering resources and tools. Today, we are proud to see our battery swap solutions deployed and supporting e-motorbikes in Cambodia and Indonesia,” said Roderick Chia, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Oyika.

“Sustainability is important to our everyday life, how we live, work, and commute. With Open Labs, Arrow is proud to empower local start-ups like Oyika to create a better tomorrow, leveraging technology to drive sustainability. By offering our engineering consultancy, design-for-manufacturing support, go-to-market resources and expertise to Oyika, we together create a cleaner and leaner mobility solution,” said Jacky Wan, Arrow’s vice president of Engineering for Asia-Pacific.


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