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SYLVANIA SMART Lighting Expands, Offers Convenience To Android Users


LEDVANCE, the maker of SYLVANIA general lighting in the US, is expanding its portfolio of easy-to-use SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth lighting to benefit Android users in the States.

The HomeKit-enabled SYLVANIA SMART+ Full Color A19 LED light bulb was the first to be easily controlled via Siri and the Apple Home app without a separate hub. Now, with an Android device in the home in range, new SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth LED lighting products works with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa via the new SYLVANIA Smart Home app available on Google Play, providing hands-free lighting control for Android users without requiring any additional hardware.

Android users can also benefit from Bluetooth mesh technology. If they have multiple SYLVANIA Bluetooth mesh devices, they can control the SYLVANIA lights in another room, on the next floor, or even outside their home. With Bluetooth mesh devices, users can also take advantage of increased reliability and scalability with a limited delay in response when controlling individual or groups of lights together.

“No matter which system or phone you have, with SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth LED lighting products you can count on simple setup, control, and convenience,” said Alberto Pierotti, Head of SMART and Head of R&D for US and Canada, LEDVANCE. “These are the first products to work with all three voice assistants from Apple, Amazon and Google using Bluetooth or Bluetooth mesh.”

The new SYLVANIA Smart Home app available on Google Play gives Android users easy control of popular features such as turning lights on and off, grouping their lights, adjusting the brightness level, and changing colors with Full-Color products.

While other smart lighting products require a gateway or rely on a Wi-Fi router as a hub controlled by Siri, Alexa or the Google Assistant, SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth LED lighting products eliminates the need for additional hardware and provide simplified control – nothing more, nothing less. These are perfect for high school or college students who want to personalize their bedrooms, dorms rooms or apartments, or anyone who wants to enjoy the convenience of smart lighting.

“People have always told us that they like the benefits of smart lighting but want it to be easier to set up and use. We accomplished this when we launched our HomeKit-enabled SYLVANIA SMART+ Bluetooth lighting products,” added Pierotti. “Now, we are offering that same ease-of-use and convenience to Android users with smart lighting that requires nothing more than a mobile device and a free app. These are the world’s first and only Bluetooth mesh connected lighting products that provide the long range, low power, and high reliability that smart home customers want.”

Apple users can control their lights from the Apple Home app on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch, by using Siri on any device including HomePod, or directly from Control Center. Outside the home, a HomeKit home hub (HomePod, 4th generation Apple TV or an iPad with the latest version of iOS) can remotely control these units and set up automation.

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