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Symantec Expands Incident Response Services Worldwide


Symantec has announced the expansion of Incident Response Services that enables organizations to proactively address security needs, assist continual security improvement and overall cyber resiliency.

Incident Response Services are a part of Symantec’s Cyber Security Services business, offering integrated security threat intelligence and managed services to support business and government predict, prepare, and respond to attacks by modern adversaries.

Symantec has launched two Incident Response Service offerings, namely Symantec Incident Response Emergency Response Services and Symantec Incident Response Retainer Services.

  1. Symantec Incident Response Emergency Response Services – It helps customers to resolve incidents, return to normal operations and prevent incident recurrence while minimizing the operational effect. This Service leverages Symantec’s extensive global intelligence network of approx. 57.6 million attack sensors monitoring threat action in over 157 countries to deliver context and insight into numerous indicators of compromise, adversaries, campaigns and more. Following the end of response activities, Symantec’s crucial findings are presented in a comprehensive report that customers can practice to boost security measures, advance internal response program effectiveness and stop the reoccurrence. Symantec’s Incident Response Emergency Response Service is available in North America, the UK and select Asia-Pacific regions.
  1. Symantec Incident Response Retainer Services – It enables customers to steer away from an expensive reactive method toward a more proactive, programmatic one by assessing their present incident response programs, recognizing gaps and placing protections in place to better mitigate security occurrences. As a result, customers will increase response times, overall effectiveness; lesser response costs; and support a cycle of constant security and response enhancements.

“With cybercriminals becoming more well-funded and sophisticated, companies risk the chance of experiencing debilitating revenue losses and reputational damage from just a single breach,” said Samir Kapuria, VP and GM of the Cyber Security Services business for Symantec.

“The launch of our expanded Incident Response Service empowers our customers to shift the balance between attack and victim, waiting and chance, and reactive and proactive by better preparing their incident response strength. Our customers have already seen the value of our Incident Response offerings, and we are seeing this rise, doubling the number of customer engagements over the last quarter.”

Other Cyber Security Services include DeepSight Intelligence, Managed Security Services, Incident Response and Security Simulation services.



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