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Symantec Research: India tops the list of DDoS traffic counteries

Symantec Research: India tops the list of DDoS traffic counteriesSymantec has released a new security report which highlights that India has topped the global ranking of the countries that have witnessed the highest volume of ‘originating DDoS traffic’, with 26 percent of all DDoS traffic originating from the country, followed by the USA with 17 percent. The research titled The Continued Rise of DDoS Attacks,” was conducted by Symantec’s Security Response which is made up of more than 41.5 million attack sensors and records thousands of events per second in over 157 countries and territories.

Speaking about the research, Tarun Kaura, Director, Technology Sales at Symantec India, said “The sources for DoS attacks are often countries that have a high number of bot infected machines and a low adoption rate of filtering of spoofed packets. While this does not mean that the people behind the attack are located in India, as the attacks are often orchestrated remotely; it is a reflection of India emerging as a hotbed to launch these attacks, potentially because of the low cyber security awareness, lack of adequate security practices and infrastructure.”

The DDoS attacks attempted to make online services unavailable by overwhelming it with traffic from multiple sources. The Domain Name Server (DNS) amplification attack is a popular form of DDoS, which floods a publically available target system with DNS response traffic. Symantec’s research indicates that DNS amplification attacks have increased by 183 percent from January to August 2014.

The research also highlights the popularity of DDoS Attacks indicating it has become the method of choice for hacktivists and cyber gangs.


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