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Synology Rolls out New Updates & Cloud Solutions

A new Synology C2 Surveillance service will enable homes and businesses to simultaneously and securely record surveillance footage to the C2 cloud

Synology has launched the next evolution of its on-premises and cloud solutions, announcing DSM 7.1, Surveillance Station 9.0, SRM 1.3, and significant updates to C2 Backup, C2 Identity, C2 Password, C2 Storage, and C2 Transfer.

Synology Updates Cloud SolutionsExciting new features have been announced for each Synology product, with substantial improvements to the user experience, reliability, and scalability across the board.

DSM 7.1 will bring improved file sharing performance and convenience with the introduction of SMB multichannel and DFS support. Multi-site businesses can leverage the C2 Storage supported Hybrid Share to reduce bandwidth constraints and make collaborative work simpler. In conjunction with Synology Drive’s unified file portal and redesigned mobile app, remote teams have complete control of their data no matter where they are.

Surveillance Station 9.0 sports a refined user interface that provides users with all the tools they need, faster than ever before. The new Monitor Center centralizes all important feeds with convenient playback controls and alerts. Better map integration means even multi-site deployments can be efficiently monitored, providing security teams with precise information and easy-to-act-on graphics when every second counts.

A new Synology C2 Surveillance service will enable homes and businesses to simultaneously and securely record surveillance footage to the C2 cloud. With under five seconds of lost footage, C2 Surveillance will ensure that footage is always accessible, even after a catastrophic event or in case of theft of the on-prem system.

The new DVA1622 NVR makes Synology’s suite of advanced AI-powered surveillance analytics such as face recognition and people counting more accessible for smaller stores or even SOHO environments. Together with Surveillance Station 9.0, DVA series NVRs also gain license plate recognition capabilities.

SRM 1.3 and the Wi-Fi 6 Synology RT6600ax router introduce faster networking and greatly expand network management capabilities. SRM 1.3 ships with full VLAN support through an intuitive interface that anyone can use to partition and separate their devices, including IoT sensors and other potentially insecure gadgets.

Synology also announced research and development into scale-out file servers to meet even greater requirements, whether for capacity, service availability, or management needs.

Launched just a few months ago, C2 Backup, Identity, Password, and Transfer are standalone services to solve specific IT challenges in a simple and accessible way.

Synology is constantly introducing new features to each C2 service, maximizing convenience and on-demand scalability without burdening users with maintenance.

Multiple data residency options — including a new data center in Taiwan, which was recently added to the existing ones in Frankfurt and Seattle — enable administrators to achieve maximum compliance with local data retention regulations.

In 2022, Synology will be introducing a C2 Object storage service for S3-compatible applications.

The Synology 2022 AND BEYOND event, premiered on Dec 3 01:00 GMT+8, goes into more detail and introduces even more features and services.


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