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Synthesio christened as a ‘Leader’ in Enterprise Listening Platforms


NEW YORK, USA: Synthesio, a comprehensive social media watch firm delivering from its quarter nothing less than premier quality data from 192 countries in 50 languages, has been christened a ‘leader’ in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Listening Platforms, Q1 2014 report.

The Forrester Research, Inc. report evaluated the “The 11 Providers That Matter Most and How They Stack Up” alongside a 27-criteria assessment in 3 dimensions: Current Offerings (background information, data sources, data processing, dashboard functionality, integration, consulting and analysis services), followed by Strategy (corporate strategy: enterprise customer listening focus, product roadmap) and last but not the least, Market Presence (customers).

forrester wave

Synthesio was baptized amongst leaders alluded as regards their cutting-edge data processing proficiencies, user-friendly consoles, and buoyant integration and partnership strategies.

In line with Forrester, “European-based listening solution Synthesio was a leader in this study due to its superior global data coverage, automated analysis coupled with human coders, and functional dashboard. Synthesio has a strong road map that focuses on cooperative and connected sources of consumer feedback data.”

Volumnising further that – “Well-satisfied customer references score the vendor highly for its flexibility and the frequency with which it recommends new approaches. Synthesio does sacrifice speed for data quality, a trait that suits it well for customers in regulated industries like pharmaceutical or financial services.”

Additionally in regard to grossing the peak notches of all Enterprise Listening Platform’s in the existing offering category, Synthesio was also the lone firm to have earned the maximum possible score (5.00) for corporate stratagem in this estimate.


The Forrester Wave reportedly states that, “In the past, buyers selected tools based on the mix of data sources that they provided. Today, buyers need tools that provide more stakeholders with access to listening data. They seek tools that are easy to use, require little training, have many user role options, and have flexible reporting features so that they can expand use within their companies.”

“The role and importance of social listening and engagement is rapidly increasing and it’s imperative that the technology and service offerings keep up with the growing demand for deeper, yet understandable data,” believed Loic Moisand, co-founder and CEO of Synthesio.


Jawed Akhtar

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