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SYSKA LED Unveils WiFi enabled Smart Table Lamp

New SYSKA Smart Table Lamp is Compatible with Amazon Alexa

SYSKA LED has unveiled a range of WiFi enabled Smart Table Lamp which is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Once synced with Amazon Alexa, SYSKA Smart Table Lamp can be controlled using voice command given by the user.
The new WiFi enabled Smart Table Lamp is said to be one a kind lamp, which can help you in choosing from three different colour temperatures i.e. – Warm White, Day Light, and Cool White.

Hot on the heels, SYSKA LED has introduced a second WiFi enabled product that works with Alexa under the umbrella of Smart light category. 

Here are the Unique Features of SYSKA Smart Table Lamp:

  • 3 Stages Dimmable

3 Stages Dimmable

SYSKA Smart Table Lamp comes with 3 stages of brightness which you can adjust according to you requirement and mood. You can easily adjust the brightness levels with the touch of a button to suit your lighting needs.

  • Feather Touch Control

Feather Touch Control

SYSKA Smart Table Lamp comes with feather touch controls to switch it on/off, control its color temperature, and its dimness (brightness) for a seamless experience.

  • Hands-free control with Alexa

Hands Free control with Alex

You can effortlessly control the SYSKA Smart Table Lamp using voice commands to the Amazon Alexa. You can easily switch it on or off and adjust the brightness level of the lamp without even the need to touch it.

  • Mood Setting

2 Mood Settings

The 2 mood setting in SYSKA Smart Table Lamp allows you to fix your lighting requirements between reading and night. Choose reading mood whenever your work requires bright white light or choose night mood for a warm ambience.

  • Flexible Body

Flexible Body

SYSKA’s Smart LED Table Lamp has been designed ergonomically as well as flexible to use. The lamp can be bended up to certain extent to provide an effortless reading experience and less strain on your eyes.

  • Long lasting life (Up to 30,000 hours)

Long Lasting Hours

An incandescent lamp has an average life span of 1,200 hours. A CFL lamp has an average life span of 8,000 hours. But LED lamps truly go the distance with an average life span of 30,000 hours. A year has about 8700 hours and SYSKA Smart Table lamp lasts up to 30,000 hours which means once you have these lamps, you can forget about buying a new one for a long, long time.

  • Different colour temperature

Choose From different

SYSKA Smart Table Lamp is equipped with a colour changing technology which allows it to change the colour of the lamp at 3 different temperatures: Yellow, Warm White & White. The colour temperature ranges from 3000K~6000K.

  • Low energy consumption = 90% energy saving

Low energy consumption

Replace your incandescent or CFL lamp with a SYSKA LED lamp, you will end up using 90% less power as incandescent lamps take much more power than CFLs. But CFLs take far more power than LED lamps.

  • Eco-friendly & non-toxic

Eco friendly

SYSKA LED lamps are eco-friendly, safe, recyclable and do not contain any toxins like lead or mercury.

  • Warranty:


SYSKA Smart LED Lamp will go on for more than 30,000 hours which is more than 5 years. What’s more? SYSKA provides a 2 years warranty on the product.



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