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TAG Unleashes CPU Cooling Fan TAG 100


MUMBAI / BANGALORE, India – December 10, 2013: Technology and Gadgets, one of the primary distributors and leading player in accessories and peripherals under the aegis of the brand ‘TAG’, launched CPU cooling fan – TAG 100 that is compatible with most Central Processing Units (CPUs) available in the market. TAG CPU cooling fan is designed with high grade aluminum plate which provides low-noise heat transfer away from the CPU.


CPU Cooling Fan TAG 100 has been designed to reduce the excess heat generated within the case of a computer by the CPU. It goes on to ventilate the heat generated from the CPU and actively cools the processor before the heat damages the computer components. TAG 100 comprises of high grade aluminum riffle bearing. Moreover, the speed stands at a reading of approximately 2500RPM +/-10% with 12V DC rated voltage which keeps the system cool on the long run.

Mr Vikas Gupta, CEO and Founder at Technology and Gadgets (TAG), lips that, “CPU Cooling fan TAG 100 gives the user optimal performance, and ensure that both the processor CPU and the components are safe from excess heat, that is. The bearings reduce friction and allow the fan to operate at high speed


Jawed Akhtar

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