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TANAKA Develops Active Brazing Filler Composite Material

TANAKA Holdings has reported that TANAKA Precious Metals manufacturing business has successfully developed an active brazing filler metal/copper composite material for power devices that can reduce processing times.

TanakaThe new product is a composite (cladding) of copper (Cu) material with active brazing filler metal on one side.

Since it can be joined directly to any material including ceramics (oxides, nitrides, and carbides) and carbon materials, it is expected that it will be used in ceramic substrates and next-generation heat sinks for power devices.

In addition, TANAKA can make various proposals tailored to customer needs ranging from the supply of prototypes using this product to brazing processes, testing, and evaluation.

In addition, the brazing time can be greatly reduced, which leads to energy savings and can be expected to reduce environmental impact.

As a result of the features described above, this product can be used in a wide range of semiconductor applications, with expectations particularly high for deployment in the heat dissipation field.

In the power devices market, higher outputs and increased efficiency are demanded, and in conjunction with this, heat generation is rising.

As a result, providing individual components with high heat dissipation, high heat resistance, and high bonding reliability and developing materials that are compatible with even further miniaturization are urgent priorities for the industry.

This is especially the case in the market for eco-cars such as electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles (HVs), the high-output laser diode market, and the market for next-generation heat sinks, demand for which in the PC, smartphone, and other markets is expected to grow.

To maintain high heat dissipation, high heat resistance, and high bonding reliability, it is first necessary to increase the thickness of the Cu plate, and this product makes it possible to form electrodes on a thick Cu material and enhances bonding reliability without using etching, so it can be expected to contribute to higher heat dissipation.

TANAKA plans to begin full-scale sample shipments in 2021 and establish a mass production system in 2023. Going forward, TANAKA will continue to develop products tailored to customer needs and to develop technologies to expand its lineup of active brazing filler metals.


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