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Tata Group to Invest in Digital, High-End Electronics and Healthcare

Tata Group has huge popularity from decades. Everybody is quite familiar with the name and its quality products. During this pandemic, where other companies were facing major economical breakdown, Tata Group was one of the famous brand which has always been there to serve people.

TATARecently, Tata Group has announced to invest in digital, high-end electronics and healthcare in a post-pandemic world. Tata’s operations are spread in all over the world, from hotels to airlines to technology services. Now, it is planning to invest on electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery storage.

“We are very serious about electric vehicles,” Natarajan Chandrasekaran also known as Chandra, Chairman, Tata Group said, adding that Tata is investing in developing clean technology cars at home through Tata Motors and at JLR.

It also plans to cater to growing demand for medical devices in India and around the world, Chandra said.

Tata Group has also made public its intent to launch an umbrella app enabling access to all its consumer businesses, shared Chandra. In a concept borrowed from China where apps such as Alipay allow everything from hotel bookings to e-commerce. Tata Group is also building an online business-to-business platform.


Nitisha Dubey

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