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TDK Enhances New Power Inductors

TDK Corporation has formed new power inductors, BCL322515RT for use in automotive electronics. It is intended for insertion into the power line of an automobile electronic control circuit.

TDKUsing TDK’s proprietary material technologies and structure design, the inductors achieve high inductance (47 μH) in a small size (3.2 x 2.5 x 1.5 mm). The saturation current is 0.72 A. Also, by using metallic magnetic material as a core material, they were downsized by approximately 35% compared to products that used conventional ferrite material with similar attributes. The rated voltage is 40 V, and they can be used in a primary power supply circuit, which is input directly from an in-vehicle 12 V battery.

The operating temperature range is from -55 to +155℃ (including self-temperature rise), which supports severe temperature environments. Besides, the connection structure between the winding wire and the external electrode is designed to reduce open risks, ensuring high reliability.

Recently, automobiles are increasingly likely to have an electronic control unit for information communication and self-driving, resulting in an increased number of inductors for power supply circuits used in the units. TDK will expand its lineup in the BCL series to meet a variety of customer needs for power inductors to be used in automotive electronics, such as downsizing.

Main applications:

  • ADAS, a range of ECUs (Electronic Control Unit for automobiles)

Main features and benefits:

  • 47 μH achieved in a small size, decreasing inductors used
  • High reliability due to the product structure that reduced open risks
  • Operating temperature range up to 155°C supported. Available for a variety of automotive applications


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