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TDK Introduces its Magnetic Design Tool

TDK Corporation presents its completely revised Magnetic Design Tool with enhanced functionality. The updated tool now enables the fast and easy calculation and graphical representation of application-related parameters for all EPCOS ferrite materials, including new materials for high-frequency switch-mode power supplies, and core shapes.

TDKThe powerful Magnetic Design Tool is available as a browser-based application and has been tested in commonly used browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera. Alternatively, it can be downloaded and used with Windows 10.

 In the current version, the Magnetic Design Tool allows users to define the parameters for their own cores and then use them in their calculations. The versatile tool can be used to calculate and display the most important material properties, such as power loss versus frequency, flux density, temperature and the performance factor.

In addition, it can also perform a comprehensive range of core calculations, including the AL-value in dependence to the air gap, the determination of transferable power, or the calculation of impedance versus frequency.

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