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TDK Introduces Multi-Functional DC Electronic Load SFL series

TDK Corporation has announced the start of selling new TDK-Lambda brand Electronics Load Equipment “SFL Series”. TDK-Lambda Corporation  has started its shipping from July 2020.

TDKDC electronic load, SFL series is capable for 300W/1000W. Its fast-current feedback control helps to reduce current overshoot during rise-up. The minimum operation voltage is not restricted in which can help the current to flow from 0A up to set-current proportionally, just like “electronic resistor”.

Several operation modes are also available, such as CC (Constant Current), CV (Constant Voltage), CP (Constant Power), to simulate many kinds of load test conditions for customer application.

USB interface is standard built-in, while GPIB and ripple noise meter are available as options. Ripple noise measuring method is equivalent to 100MHz BW to meet JEITA standard

It is possible to configure large load system up to 10kW (10pcs) by connecting cables that available as options. This is suitable for DC Power Supply, Fuel Cell Battery, Solar Battery, etc. Also, battery charge/discharge application is also possible by combining DC electronic load and our DC Power supply products, such as GENESYS+.

Main applications

  • Load for DC Power Supply, Fuel Cell, Solar Battery
  • Load for Test and Measurements

Main features and benefits

  • 4 models available : Load Power 300W, 1kW (Rated Voltage: 120V or 500V)
  • Built-in USB interface
  • Fast current feedback control (to reduce current overshoot)
  • Operates as like actual resistance (operates proportionally from 0A)
  • 6 modes operation (Constant Current, Constant Resistance, Constant Voltage, Constant Power, External Control, Short Circuit)
  • Up to 10kW (10pcs) configuration utilizing option cable connection
  • Ripple Noise Meter is available as option


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