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TDK-Lambda Pioneers PFH Series AC-DC Power Supply using Transphorm GaN

Lambda Pioneers

Transphorm has confirmed that TDK-Lambda, a leading power supply manufacturer of TDK’s group of companies, has launched its first AC-DC power supply using GaN. The fully functional PFH500F-28 rated at 504 watts is the company’s latest generation AC-DC backplane conduction cooling power module.

In addition, the power module is Transphorm’s newest customer product, featuring high-voltage GaN, and its package size is reduced by 28% and efficiency is increased by 5% compared to the previous PFE500F series.

Wide range of industrial applications are further increased

The PFH500F-28 is a compact power module with an output power of 28 volts for a variety of harsh environments, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) power supplies, custom fanless power supplies, traffic signals and more. TDK-Lambda’s redesigned standard power module uses a bridgeless totem pole power factor correction topology to optimize Transphorm’s TPH3206LDG FET in a popular 8×8 quad flat no-lead (PQFN) package.

Jin He, vice president of engineering at TDK-Lambda, explained, “We are pleased to introduce the new standard PFH series. Our engineers are constantly evaluating new technologies for the benefit of end customers to ensure that any new products we release are not only reliable but also Significant improvements over previous models. We decided to work with Transphorm to develop our first GaN AC-DC product, largely based on the proven quality and reliability of power semiconductors and the team’s successful collaboration. The reputation we have enjoyed. Based on our experience, our published PFH500F-28 offers a three-year warranty and we are working with Transphorm on future projects.”

To date, customers have used Transphorm’s GaN to produce computing power, servo motors, and telecom power supplies, all of which offer significant advantages in terms of power density, size and system cost.

The Key  Advantages of PFH500F-28 include:

  • Power efficiency
  • Power density: 100 watts / cubic inch
  • PMBusTM monitoring and programming (read/write)
  • Reduced size: from 122 x 70 x 12.7 to 101.6 x 61 x 13.5 mm
  • Reduced size of external capacitive components
  • Thermal impact

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