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TDK Modifies Ultrasonic ToF Sensor Platform for Long-Range

TDK Corporation has revealed the worldwide availability of the Chirp CH201 long-range ultra-low-power integrated ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) range sensor platform. The solution includes the CH201 MEMS sensor, sensor modules, and developer kits and accompanies Chirp’s original CH101 ultrasonic ToF sensor product. CH101 provides accurate range measurements for use cases scenarios of up to 1.2m, and the new

TDKCH201 builds to provide exact long-range measurements to targets at distances up to 5m. Chirp’s MEMS ultrasonic technologies leverage proprietary Time-of-Flight (ToF) range sensors in a 3.5 mm x 3.5 mm package that combines a MEMS ultrasonic transducer with a power-efficient digital signal processor (DSP) on a low-power mixed-signal ASIC.

Following on CH101 as the first commercially available MEMS-based ultrasonic ToF sensor, CH201 is also ultra-low power and compact provides millimeter-accurate range measurements and works in any lighting condition, including full sunlight to complete darkness independent of the target’s color and optical transparency. Matching CH101, the CH201 has a configurable Field-of-View (FoV) and a flexible DSP capable of handling a variety of ultrasonic signal-processing algorithms.

The CH201 platform mirrors the flexibility of the CH101, offering flexible industrial design options for a broad range of use-case scenarios, including range-finding, presence/proximity sensing, and object-detection/avoidance.

In a free downloadable white paper, TDK describes how tracking-solution providers can use Chirp’s ultrasonic time-of-flight technology to measure when users come into contact and notify those who may have been exposed to SARS-COV-2 when an infection does occur. Chirp provides a complete sensor API and reference design to make it easy for solution providers to quickly incorporate ultrasonic range-finding technology into their tracking solutions. The complete hardware and software reference design combines Chirp ultrasonic solutions along with a BLE-enabled MCU, for a complete social distancing solution including contact tracing.


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