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TDK Upgrades its 3D HAL Direct-Angle Sensor Family

TDK Corporation has upgraded its Micronas 3D HAL direct-angle Hall-effect sensor family, HAL 37xy (HAL 37xy, HAR 37xy and HAC 37xy), for automotive and industrial applications regarding functional safety aspects.

TDKAll members of HAL 37xy are now defined as SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) ASIL B-ready, according to ISO 26262. HAL 37xy rotary position detection features are used in applications such as accelerator pedals, electronic throttle controls, rotary shifters (with push-function) and rear-axis steering systems.

Furthermore, the sensors detect the linear position in applications like a clutch or brake pedals, transmission systems, cylinders and valve position sensing. Relevant documentation, like safety manuals and FMEDA summary reports are available on request.

TDK enabled vertical Hall plates to integrate into the standard CMOS process through its 3D HAL technology. The process made it easier to evaluate the relative strength of the horizontal and vertical magnetic field components, which is key for excellent angular performance.

In comparison, conventional planar Hall technology is only sensitive to the magnetic field orthogonal to the chip surface. TDK offers three different direct-angle sensor variants with the HAL 37xy sensors: the proven HAL 37xy sensor family, a version with redundancy function via two integrated Hall sensor dies (HAR 37xy), and a version with integrated capacitors (HAC 37xy).

The ASIL-B upgrade enables the TDK sensor customers’ base to use this product family in applications with functional safety demands. It makes the HAL 37xy mature product line fit for future customer applications.

Main applications

  • Detection of the angle of rotation automotive applications, such as accelerator pedal, electronic throttle control, rotary shifters (with push-function), as well as rear-axis steering systems
  • Detection of linear position in applications like clutch or brake pedal, transmission system, cylinder and valve position sensing

Main features and benefits

  • A very low angular error of ±1.5° @ 30 mT amplitude
  • End of the shaft and off-axis 360° angular measurement
  • Direct measurement of magnetic field amplitude (BX, BY, BZ)
  • Family members with analog, PWM or SENT output
  • SEooC according to ISO 26262 (ASIL-B ready) to support functional safety applications


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