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TDK’s Automotive Noise Suppression Filters for MF and HF Bands

TDK Corporation has announced that it has developed the MHF1608 series of HF band* noise suppression filters for automobiles, and will begin mass production in September 2020.

TDKThe noise suppression component will be inserted in signal lines for electronic control circuits in automotive applications including car audio, navigation, and battery monitoring systems. Signal transmission paths are often affected by conduction, radiation noise, or other impacts.

To control these noises, a chip bead supporting a high frequency band from several dozens of MHz to several GHz is typically inserted.

The MHF series uses a newly developed high-loss, highly permeable ferrite material, which results in high impedance from 300 (KHz) to 30 (MHz), even lower than the frequency band above, while minimizing and controlling noise. Replacing conventional chip beads with this product enables manufacturers to reduce the number of parts used. It is wide temperature range from -55 ℃ to +125 ℃ and also qualified in accordance with AEC-Q200.

In the future, TDK will further expand the MHF series lineup to enable more compact electronic equipment and increased noise suppression across a broad range of automotive equipment.


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