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Technics’ Sound Experience Upgrades with SU-R1000

Technics has revealed its first Reference Class integrated amplifier, SU-R1000 to deliver premium musical experience to customers.

The SU-R1000 is equipped with an Intelligent Phono EQ, which utilises digital technology to achieve accurate equaliser curve and delivers high sound quality by improving the crosstalk of the cartridge and enhancing the frequency characteristic determined by the matching of the cartridge and phono equaliser.

High Sound Quality Technologies are incorporated in SU-R1000 such as JENO (Jitter Elimination and Noise-Shaping Optimization), LAPC (Load Adaptive Phase Calibration) and ADCT (Active Distortion Cancelling Technology)

Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply 

The SU-R1000 uses a switching power supply system to ensure stable supply of voltage and current required by the digital amp. In a conventional switching power supply system, the ON time of the switching operation was controlled in order to stabilise the voltage, and this caused the switching frequency to fluctuate according to the load, resulting in a modulation noise to affect the sound quality. The Advanced Speed Silent Power Supply has eliminated this noise by fixing the switching frequency in the 400-kHz band.

Four Independent Power Supply Units 

In the SU-R1000, every element comprising the power supply has been revamped for higher sound quality. What’s more, four independent power supply units are provided for different circuit blocks for further enhancement of sound quality.

The SU-R1000 uses separate power supply units for the analogue circuits and digital circuits in the pre-amp stage. It also uses separate power supply units for the right and left channels in the power amp stage that requires large electrical power. With the four independent power supply units, the SU-R1000 prevents power-line-induced interference among the circuit blocks and realises a high S/N ratio and superb separation.

Battery Driven Clock Generator 

The SU-R1000 is equipped with a Battery Driven Clock Generator. The use of a battery as a power supply for the clock circuit eliminates the adverse effect of power supply noise on the clock signal, thus enabling superb sound image localisation and clear sound space expression.

Intelligent Phono EQ 

The Intelligent Phono EQ mounted in the SU-R1000 utilises the sound quality improvement technology for DSP, which Technics has accumulated through the development of LAPC, in order to realise high sound quality not possible with analogue Phono-EQ.


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