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Rohde & Schwarz to Organise Virtual Technology Symposium 2021

As every year, Rohde & Schwarz used to hold this Technology Symposiums at physical locations where industry peers gathered and shared experiences, this year, this flagship event, Technology Symposium 2021 is going virtual. Complete with conference proceedings on the latest trends, demo booths on its solutions and chat platforms to connect with the experts, the 2021 edition will be an immersive virtual experience like no other virtual event.

R&SRohde & Schwarz Technology Symposium, 16-17 March, 2021 will boost four tracks from testing to deployment in Digital Design, Power Electronics, Mobile Network Testing and Next Gen Devices. Detailed agenda is available here.

The symposium aims to challenge engineers in:

  • Equip yourself with in-depth technical material and interactive demonstrations.
  • Learn from the industry leaders and challenge if there could be ways to do things differently.
  • Scale your design with applied knowledge to deployment.

Symposium track highlights

Track A: High speed design system journey: In the development of high-speed digital design, signal integrity is of fundamental importance with the growing integration complexities. This track will cover the fundamentals of PCB interconnect testing and the concept of testing phase noise and jitters. Industrial experts from CSS and Dassault Systèmes will discuss de-embedding and simulation correlation, and how these can synergize into the testing environment for better accuracy.

Track B: Testing next gen devices: In the 5G era, the devices have evolved, in terms of form factor, as well in diversification of performance requirements to fulfil different use cases. This is essential to realize the full potential of 5G and is crucial when the industry starts to monetize 5G – moving beyond just smartphones and towards digital transformation. The track brings in industry’s view aimed to better understand the enablers and the key motivations behind the push for the next generation networks. This track highlights the trends and industry priorities with the evolution of devices, technology and the associated “Test and Measurement” challenges in both R&D and production.

Track C: 5G mobile network testing:  Recent commercial deployments of 5G gave us the opportunity to benchmark network performance against expectations, compare different 5G implementations and investigate advances from 4G. In this track, R&S experts share the experience, perspectives from different stakeholders and new approaches to acquire and benchmark network performance. This in turn, points out the critical KPIs and measurements which support current and future use cases like AR/VR, gaming, healthcare.

Track D: Riding the wave of power evolution:  With the demand of energy and power rising, new technologies have stipulated stringent approaches into power electronics testing. R&S has invited speakers from IEEE Singapore Industry Application/Power Electronics Joint Chapter to explain how the energy transformation has affected the technical contributions in the region and also from PE System to talk about power device characterization in this new era. R&S would also share some of the test and measurement approaches and refresh some fundamentals on choosing the right tool for power electronic measurements.


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