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Tektronix’s Own The Future Initiative for Engineering Students

Tektronix has recently unveiled Own the Future, an education-focused initiative to place the company’s renowned engineering products in the hands of student engineers, with an emphasis on the organisation’s entry-level portfolio.

TektronixAs a leader in the education and advanced research sector, Tektronix provides a variety of solutions for university engineering labs to meet the ever-changing curriculum landscape — from entry oscilloscopes for basic measurement, to digital multimeters, waveform generators, software and service plans.

Classrooms and labs are where the world will meet its next generation of engineers, and Tektronix’s Own the Future initiative is dedicated to fostering that learning on industry-leading technology.

“Tektronix is committed to creating the test and measurement tools that help engineers innovate faster,” says Kristi Flores, Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of Global Marketing for Tektronix. “Engineers perform imaginative work every day that impacts our world, and for many of them, the foundation of that innovation began in a university lab.”

While Tektronix and Keithley offer complete bench setups for mainstream solutions, the well-designed entry-level portfolio contains the critical components for engineering education. Own the Future bench solutions are available for all levels, from undergraduate learners to graduate programs. Based on customer feedback and university lab insights, these customisable solutions come in three recommended configurations: Fundamental Teaching Lab, Electronics Engineering Lab and Next-gen RF/Wireless Lab.


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