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Teledyne’s e2v, Choice for High Performance Semiconductor Components

Teledyne had acquired e2v in March 2017 and counts now more than 11 000 employees across Europe, America and Asia.

TeleThe firm has the flexibility to address various markets with the most demanding requirements, such as Aerospace & Defense, Avionics, Space and Industrial and Instrumentation.

Working to make customers’ systems safer, secure and more differentiated by delivering tailored high performance semiconductor sub-systems and signal & data processing solutions, is what they do best!

Teledyne e2v’s “Data and Signal Processing Solutions” Business Unit has made innovation its key priority by developing components which accelerate the digitization of microwave signal systems, striving toward completely software defined antennas that utilize world-leading data conversion technologies directly in the antenna. This makes Teledyne e2v lead the world in Analogue to Digital converters (ADC) and Digital to Analogue Converters (DAC) with the potential to enable new advanced solutions in Space microwave frequency communication systems. As a result, Teledyne e2v’s team bring a world-class renowned design expertise in Broadband Data Converters, which, for instance, led to put on the market the EV12DS480 DAC and EV12AQ600 ADC.

These two products are both widely used in Space applications and are part of the extended Teledyne e2v semiconductors offer in data converters. Other state of the art data converters are the Quad Family used in high-end Test & Measurement applications and the EV12AD550 Dual channel ADC for Space applications.

The Business Unit has also supplied for over 30 years’ High Reliability commercial processors based on commercial architectures that have been characterized, qualified, and repackaged to satisfy the most severe environmental conditions, including Space.

Teledyne e2v’s microprocessor offer addresses critical functions and is qualified to high temperature ranges (-55°C to +125°C) with leaded or RoHS finished package options. The QorIQ Power Architecture and ARM processor portfolio offers the highest performance for small form factor/power-efficient applications.

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