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Teradata Database Extends Cloud Market opportunities with Amazon Web Services

Teradata Database

Teradata Corp. announces that it is developing its Teradata Database, the known data warehousing and analytic solution, available for cloud deployment on AWS to support production workloads. The initial version of Teradata Database on AWS will be offered on a variety of individual multi-terabyte virtual servers–known as Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances–in supported AWS regions via a listing in the AWS Marketplace.

With Teradata Database on AWS, supported use cases include test and development, quality assurance, data marts, disaster recovery, and production analytics. The primary benefits to customers include:

  • Wider accessibility to the market’s leading data warehouse and analytic solution
  • Closer proximity of the database to data sources and partner software in the cloud
  • Easier scalability with self-service provisioning and hourly pay-as-you-go convenience

“Big Data on the cloud can prove to be very beneficial to Indian companies who are at the cusp of adopting cloud and big data analytics. Combining both platforms will provide numerous additional advantages that will give organisations an upper hand in an increasingly competitive business environment. As cloud computing becomes mainstream on the one hand and on the other more companies choose Big Data analytics, we expect India Inc to utilize the cloud for this purpose, to derive better analysis from the large amounts of structured and unstructured data in their possession. The partnership between Teradata and Amazon Web Services is a win-win for Indian enterprises as the solution becomes more flexible for companies to use and gives them opportunity to pilot new use cases that can solve a lot of their business challenges while simplifying business infrastructure,” cited Sunil Jose, Managing Director, Teradata India.

“This is a significant announcement for Teradata because it illustrates a fundamentally new deployment option for what has long been the industry’s most respected engine for production analytics,” said Chris Twogood, Vice President of Product and Services Marketing at Teradata. “In terms of convenience, security, performance, and market adoption, cloud computing has proven its value. By incorporating AWS as the first public cloud offering for deploying a production Teradata Database, we will make it easier for companies of all sizes to become data-driven with best-in-class data warehousing and analytics.”

Chris Twogood, Vice President of Product and Services Marketing at Teradata asserted that a growing number of existing and prospective customers want a hybrid mixture of deployment options – with some resources maintained physically on-premises and other services delivered virtually via the cloud. Representing Teradata’s initial version of Teradata Database for public cloud deployment, Teradata Database on AWS will expand the range of choices for companies to extract the greatest analytical insights for their organizations:

Additionally, Teradata Production and Advisory Services, delivered by a deep bench of industry and analytic experts within Teradata Professional Services, are available to assist new and existing customers with provisioning, integration, management, and fine tuning of Teradata Database across all deployment options.


The initial version of Teradata Database on AWS will be available in Q1 2016 for global deployment. It will be offered on a variety of individual multi-terabyte Amazon EC2 instance types via a listing in the AWS Marketplace. EC2 is a web-based service that allows business subscribers to run application programs in the Amazon computing environment and pay only for capacity that is actually used. Customers will have the ability to deploy standalone on AWS or can complement both on-premises and Teradata Cloud environments.


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