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Thales Rolls Out New 5G Wireless Communication Module

Thales has injected its unparalleled expertise and experience in the field of 5G security into the design of the Cinterion MV32 5G wireless communication module

Thales has launched new Cinterion MV32 wireless communication module to help manufacturers create and maintain stable, high-performance 5G equipment that will change lifestyles for years to come.

Thales Wireless Communication ModuleHarnessing the full potential of 5G mobile broadband connectivity, new wireless communication modules aim to be at the heart of a range of demanding Internet of Things (IoT) use cases, such as securely connecting enterprises, remote patient care, and smart monitoring for renewable energy generation, to name a few.

Keith Chau, General Manager of Peplink said, “Part of the reason why we are a pioneer in 5G branch networking equipment is that Thales provides us with high-quality globally certified solutions that support a wide range of frequency bands. Thales also provides our engineers with responsive support. Thales has been a reliable supplier to us even when the market is generally facing supply shortages.”

Thierry Uguen, Director of IoT product management at Thales said, “For our customers, the new generation MV32 5G wireless communication module is the ideal product to launch at the right time. Manufacturers around the world must keep up with the 5G trend. to create transformative new IoT solutions that touch every aspect of life . Our new solutions enable devices to easily embed ultra-fast connectivity. Customers now do not have to juggle between high speed, low latency, high reliability and cybersecurity On balance, the small form factor MV32 wireless communication module provides all these advantages.”

Thales’ 5G wireless communication modules save space and are ideal components for tiny embedded SIM cards (eSIMs), another key component for easy connectivity. The new Cinterion MV32 wireless communication module supports always-on, ultra-fast connectivity and superior reliability for next-generation IoT applications:

Leverage Thales’ extensive expertise in delivering successful 5G IoT solutions to manage connectivity scenarios in the field for 5G connectivity across the board. Delivers reliable, superior 5G cellular performance with optimized RF design for ultra-high-speed and low-latency connections.

Despite its many benefits, the distributed, virtualized, software-based design of many 5G networks also introduces new vulnerabilities to cyberattacks.

To solve this problem, Thales has injected its unparalleled expertise and experience in the field of 5G security into the design of the Cinterion MV32 5G wireless communication module, providing strong security and protection performance:

Leverage Thales’ secure design philosophy and core expertise in robust cyber protection to provide dynamic protection for devices on-site and throughout their lifecycle with secure remote updates. Rigorous and continuous penetration testing by independent security experts.


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