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Thales to Provide its First Defence Cloud Solution to Armed Forces

Thales’ first certified defence cloud solution has been selected by NATO. This solution can be deployed in the theatre of operations in less than 24 hours. Thales got this achievement after a worldwide compeitition. This agreement will unveil a new market sector and demonstrate its capacity to integrate the best civil and commercial technologies available and to adapt them to the needs of the armed forces.

ThalesToday, the use of critical data and applications has become a necessity. The cloud made by Thales will help the army people to analyse and share data in real time from the command centre to the theatre of operations, pursue their digital transformation in complete security, and accelerate the decision cycle to gain and maintain an operational advantage.

Until now, it could take several months and dozens of specialised engineers working at sites close to the combat zone to deploy the assets required. With Nexium Defence Cloud and its Service Design Studio and orchestration system, a small team of experts can deploy IT services and applications to locations thousands of kilometres away in just a few hours. This solution is based on a holistic approach encompassing applications management, IT, networks and security, with an overall system architecture designed to accommodate various different levels of confidentiality.


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