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Thalia Upgrades Technology Analyzer & Circuit Porting Tools

Thalia now utilizes machine learning across its AMALIA platform to analyze waveforms and propose candidate solutions for designers, based on differential analyses.

Thalia Design Automation has declared enhancements to its Technology Analyzer and Circuit Porting tools, key parts of its AMALIA IP reuse & development platform.

Thalia Technology Analyzer Circuit Porting ToolsThe new features support designers with a broader set of process technologies, plus intelligent machine learning features to significantly accelerate analysis and porting, to further cut costs and improve design productivity.

Thalia CEO Sowmyan Rajagopalan commented, “Our customers have experienced the benefits of Technology Analyzer and Circuit Porting and the value they bring to design efficiencies and profitability. It’s no surprise then that these customers are keen for us to extend the capabilities of these powerful tools to support more processes. Meanwhile, the Thalia EDA development team has also evolved the platform’s functionality and user experience: with ML and enhanced GUIs – these value-added features help to ensure Thalia customers experience the very best in design automation.

“Particularly now, when capacity at wafer fabs is tight, it’s important that designers remain agile to access chip manufacturing where it’s available, and where it is cost-effective.” Rajagopalan continued, “The enhancements to Technology Analyzer and Circuit Porting extend our leadership in Analog IP reuse tools enabling automated analysis of the process, options and likely outcomes of moving to new processes or fabs.”

Thalia now utilizes machine learning across its AMALIA platform to analyze waveforms and propose candidate solutions for designers, based on differential analyses.

Updates to Technology Analyzer and Circuit Porting enable Thalia’s clients to migrate to an even broader range of process technologies, from 350nm down to 22nm including FDSOI.

In addition, Thalia has enhanced its Technology Analyzer software to extract the noise, DC, AC characteristics over corners and Monte Carlo analysis.

As part of the full AMALIA platform, Thalia’s Technology Analyzer helps IP houses and integrated circuit design companies determine if their IP is suitable for cost-effective reuse and also assists with the selection of the optimal process technology for the required application.

The software generates a list of electrically comparable devices between the source and target technology i.e., Mapped devices. Thalia’s Circuit Porting software facilitates the reuse of existing circuits from the source technology to the target technology, by quickly and efficiently migrating schematics, maintaining the floorplan and electrical values.

The software uses electrically comparable mapped devices generated by the Technology Analyzer, during the migration process.


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