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The Co-existence of MAN and the MACHINE is not a new concept

We have known it since ages and it is our window to future

The harmony between man and his machine has always been associated to pursue a connected world – a world connected through different times and zones.

Sameer Gandhi, Managing Director, OMRON Automation, India

In our growing years, we have heard fairy tales where the unknown that happened was seen to assist humans for better lives. Pumpkins becoming carriages for Cinderella and Ironman using his gadgets to assist and save the world. Human minds have always been stimulated by automation and artificial intelligence. What is needed is not denial of its existence and relevance but the need to acknowledge the harmony.

Industrial revolutions have been depicted with vintage pictures of the production units showing machines surrounded by the work force. The pictures show workers on an assembly line matching the pace of the machines (humorously portrayed in one of the ‘I love Lucy episodes’!). This monotony of work process directed towards a man working like a machine has been evolving from monotony to harmony of the powers of the Man and the Machine over a period of time.

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Nitisha Dubey

A diligent writer, who has been working from last five years in the same field. She has covered lots of event and expo for travel & judiciary, now covering technology. Book reading, exploring different destinations and varieties of cuisine are some hobbies. Love to watch biographies and historical movies.

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