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The Future will See More RPA Acceptance

Alok Mani TripathiNowadays, whenever we see some latest version of our phone applications or accessories we eager to go and buy that products, because everybody knows that it will be more accessible and advance. As technology developing day by day, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has also become a part of it. The benefits of successful RPA are many – cost savings, freeing up staff for work that requires a higher skill-set, improving customer experience and the bottom-line. RPA also helps companies operate with very few people or when there is a shortage of labour. Gurugram based company, RPATech is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation services providers. Already rated among the best automation leaders by industry analysts. Alok Mani Tripathi, Founder & CEO, RPATech  during an interview with Nitisha Dubey shares the importance and future of RPA industry in India.

Q. What is driving the RPA market in India?

As it has been said desperate times need desperate measures – though old, yet relevant the proverb has forced the need for inventive methods to tackle the existing crisis. Robotic Process Automation is a significant one among them and serving the purpose quite effectively. It is helping the global workforce to respond to the pandemic brilliantly by helping them opt to remote work and create a highly efficient environment for continuous business operations.

India is not exceptional, somehow all industries will have to adapt RPA. Due to its upsurging fame, a recent study by a reputed market research company predicted that the RPA market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 20 percent during the forecast period of 2019-2025. The market is driven by accelerating demand to automate business processes leading to increased focus of vendors on developing world-class intelligent automation bots using RPA and AI collaboratively. These RPA enablers reduce human workforce requirements to perform repetitive and mundane tasks and manage a large client base and continuous support from the intelligent bots.

Q.  Which sectors are more moving towards using RPA?

The adoption of RPA in India is in the early stages, so far banking and financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and telecom industry are top adaptors of this technology. However, due to the pandemic situation all industries and verticals will be bound to adapt RPA for seamless production & services.

Q. Challenges and Scopes in the Indian Market?

Organizations in India encounter issues identifying the processes that need to be automated, here RPATech can help with their proprietary Framework which they call D3OSM. The first D stands for Discover at this stage RPATech team helps organizations to identify the processes which can be automated. After the process identification, a team of Solution Architect designs the solution, which is the second D called the Design phase. Post designing the Developer teams develop Bot on tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere (as per the customer’s choice). The last O is for Optimization, where the RPATech team continues monitoring Deployed Bot and advising about how it can be utilized to the fullest. The major focus is on the Discovery and Optimization part to deliver managed services around RPA and automation. The company comprises of experts with rich experience in Six Sigma & RPA, who help to virtualize the workforce in a time-efficient manner. The RPATech team is also adept at UiPath, and Automation Anywhere software.

Scope: As RPA continues to flourish, India is in a fantastic place to rise as a front runner in the industry’s system, and to significantly profit from this chance. RPA is one of the eight technology identified in a survey by NASSCOM and the Boston Consulting Group, as part of the “Future Skills” platform.

Large IT services organizations in India are using RPA to reduce delivery costs and to deliver benefits to their customers; captives of global firms that have increased through data-centered process management and have now had to reduce costs in order to guarantee optimal cost structures. The strong adoption of the RPA in Indian companies is anticipated.

Q.  Latest trends in the RPA sector?

“Latest” to “Future”

Coming years can witness a high number of RPA offerings from new entrants. RPA solution providers who can deliver short term tactical solutions, as well as support to long term strategic growth of businesses, can expect more demand in the market.

Customers will incline towards no-code RPA solutions that do not ask for a significant overhaul of business processes. RPA Solutions that require extensive coding and deployment efforts require high cost, which goes against the general business maxim of saving costs wherever possible. Therefore, businesses will naturally gravitate towards solutions that are cost-effective, faster to implement, and generates revenue quickly.

Understanding about RPA applicability in business processes can increase as well. At present, only a few sectors are able to utilize RPA solutions, and that too, with limited success. The external environment is changing for businesses who were content with their existing processes. Solely depending on legacy work processes and only on human resources is less profitable and cumbersome to manage. Therefore, the future will see the acceptance of RPA in more business sectors and processes.

Q. Your Expertise?

Having a good understanding of the business expectations and the market needs, RPATech is positioned in this segment providing pure-play RPA solutions, takes pride in it and its expert knowledge of the domain.  The company has solely focused itself on providing RPA technology to its business clients. The company has solely focused itself on providing RPA technology to its business clients. The company is fully invested in RPA, which derives natural language processing, computer vision, among other technologies.  The company has developed its proprietary tool and methodology MotherBotTM & D3OSM to strengthen its service implementation.

RPATech’s proprietary tool MotherBotTM, falling into the category of desktop mining tools, is a self-learning bot maker. Once installed on a system, it starts capturing daily activities of the user for a certain period, post which it prompts with the list of activities that can be automated for him. The MotherBotTM can then further be used to build a bot automatically without the help of a developer or business analyst. The bot can be built on UiPath or Automation Anywhere Platform.


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