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The General-Purpose Relay Market is an Evergreen Market

Dr. R A GoturQ Bringing along a mammoth experience in the relays segment, which trends and technologies majorly have you seen impacting the Relays market?

In EMR Technology there is no much change trend/Technology for GP relays. In Auto relays segment slowly the plug in relays will vanish & PCB relays will be consumed more & more. Also the Magnet relays are used for Intelligent meters & Building automation will be the future relay trend.

Q What is the annual production capacity of Hongfa currently and what has made it a major manufacturer and even exporter across the globe?

Hongfa production CAPACITY is around 2 BN Relays. Hongfa exports to more than 100 countries.

Q How is electromechanical-relay (EMR) technology tackling the current design challenges?

The EMR technology in relays in reducing the size of the relays ( Minature relays – Small size ) and also in SMT relays ( Surface Mount Technology ). These changes are promonent in 2019-20. Relays which have low contact resistance and low voltage drop across contacts and this enhances long time relaibility and also the life. Also the permanent magnet relays & contactors are becoming popular due to theirlower power consumptions.

Q New technologies in the existing applications require greater current capability, higher operating frequency and higher coil sensitivity to meet the demands for lower power consumption. How is Hongfa dealing with it?

New design technology advancements along with material advancements have allowed Hongfa to develop size reduced products at higher performance. The introduction of Micro ISO and MicroHigh Current plug-in relay products allow customers to decrease system size by using these products in higher current applications traditionally being controlled by larger Mini size package relays Automotive technology and integrated systems continue to developrapidly with electric and electronic systems in today’s vehicles playingan increasingly important role for traffic safety and traveling comfort.

Q What challenges does Electric and hybrid vehicles and emerging 48-volt systems bring?

Currently HONGFA are developing product portfolio for Electric and hybrid vehicles. 48V relay for Hybrid car: we are now cooperating with FEW GLOBAL AUTO MNCs to develop this type of relay, this relay will be widely used in Hybrid car. This will make the working efficiency of the car higher and lower consumption of oil. High current PCB relay to replace Plug in relays: now days Europe, USA and China have already started to switch from PLUG in relays to PCB relays. Hongfa is the first company in China to start the development of High current PCB relay.

Q How to keep the cost down and maintain a high security of supply?

To keep cost down& maintain adoption high level of security of supply in this sector are stringent quality norms fully automized plant which yields zero defect helps:

  • Reducing operational cost,
  • Improve product quality
  • Enhance quality work for employees.
  • Increase product output rates
  • Boost manufacture flexibility
  • Reduce labour turnover
  • Reduce wastage & increase yield.

Q How do you witness the current relays market?

The general-purpose relay market is an evergreen market, the current slowdown in the Auto Sector has impacted the Hongfa relay market business, witnessing a slowdown.

Q What has been the strength of Hongfa and how do you strategize to harness it further in this competitive market?

Already all most all the customers are well aware of Hongfa product wide range & quality. Besides advertising to create brand awareness, we also build credibility for our brand and wide range of products by sharing our knowledge and time. At Hongfa, we strongly believe in nurturing the future pillars of industry and in sharing our knowledge with the community. Also we actively share our technological know-how by participating in exhibitions and through Magazines.

Q Are there new market strategies for Indian market and how do you reckon to encompass across this indigenous market?

HONGFA have aggressive plans for future growth in India. We identified few areas where Hongfa will focus for future growth. Power Electronics, Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Light, Smart meter segment & Add manpower in due course in India going to be our focus areas of our future growth. Hongfa aligned our strategies and resources in these areas to reach target are our plans for future growth.

Q Hongfa in 2020, what is your expectation from the entire relays market. Key drivers, challenges and Hongfa’s market traction?

HONGFA has aggressively performed since its establishment. We have wide range of relay series segments and we are able to deliver high quality products and competitive prices with JIT (Just in time ) terms. Hongfa expecting more & more share from India in 2020 relay market. Within a span of short time, we are able to enter with major companies in all segments. Hongfa commitment to quality and value pricing has helped us immensely.


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