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Top EV Charging Station Companies in India

ChargingAs the world looks forward towards carbon neutrality, Electric Vehicles seems to be playing the leading role. Alongside, in the EV space, EV charging station is said to play a critically pivotal role. Hence many leading companies are focusing to invest in building EV charging stations. According to the Indian government, EV charging stations at every 3 sq km area in cities and every 25km on highways are mandated. By following the guidelines, the central government has also started removing a few obstacles for the interested investors. There are numerous EV charging station companies, which are trying to fulfil the agenda of the government. Here, we have mentioned top EV charging station companies in India;


One of the top EV charging station companies in India, Exicom has marked its name by providing world-class facilities. Founded in 1994, Exicom Tele-Systems is a company that operates in 3 key business areas around vertical markets of telecom, storage and green mobility. The company is a vertically integrated company with over 20 years of experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing products and solutions for the needs of today and the future.

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Car chargingChargeMyGaadi (CMG)

ChargeMyGaadi aims at revolutionizing the Electric Mobility (e-Mobility) sector by offering a wide range of innovative solutions. The best qualities and best varieties of products have made its name in one of the top EV charging station companies in India. ChargeMyGaadi strives to provide e-Mobility solutions to help the stakeholders to setup customized EV charging stations and cater to their needs of Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS), Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Battery Swapping Solutions in the best possible way. ChargeMyGaadi™ is one of the leading EV charging solutions providers in India, which works as an e-Mobility (eMO) & Charge Point Operator (cPO) operator.

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Charge+Zone provides hassle-free and reliable charging services for all types of Electrical Vehicles (EVs). They are a part of TecSo Global group is a leader in Renewable Energy Solutions, Product Development and Software Engineering. The key strength of the group is in the area of Technology, Government Regulations, Power Purchase Agreements, CAPEX and OPEX model of Solar Power Plant execution. The group strength is more than 100+ employees with a combined experience of 250+ years. The company has also been considered as one of the top EV charging station companies in India.

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Tvesas Electric

Tvesas Electric is a leading service provider for Solar Energy & Electric vehicle Charging systems and its multiple talents have made it one of the top EV charging station companies in India. Tvesas’ vision is to promote solar energy & electric vehicle adoption by providing affordable & sustainable solutions. The company’s mission is to drive sustainable electric mobility by providing elite charging station availability to electric vehicles.

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Charging PointPlugNgo

PlugNgo is a brand established by EV Motors India Pvt.Ltd. for the development of Public Charging Network in India. It seeks to establish a network of Public Charging Infrastructure through partnership with Real Estate Developers, Electric Vehicle OEMs, Charger Manufacturer, Service Centres with support from financial institutions and various state DISCOMS. Through these channel partners, PlugNgo plans to achieve growth and scalability in the Indian e-mobility system. The true dedication towards the charging stations has made it one of the top EV charging station companies in India.

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One of the top EV charging station companies in India, VerdeMobility is a division of “System-Level Solutions” that focuses on smart solutions in Electric Vehicles’ emerging market. The company’s EV solutions help to create the most innovative and affordable range of products – maximizing ROI and efficiency. The company is based in India and has two offices in UK and the USA.

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EV Charging SystemsUznaka Solutions Pvt Ltd

Uznaka is focused on revolutionizing the meaning of “smart solutions” in the area of automation technology and bring it to all of the society at a palatable value, and making sure that it becomes accessible to everyone and not just a select few. The company believes that the science and art of homemaking needs a serious rehaul and, so, it seeks to bring state-of-the-art technology to its cities so that the dream of a “modern India” is realized. The brand has made its name in one of the top EV charging station companies in India.

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ZEVpoint is building a network of Electric Vehicle charging stations across the country. The emphasis is to make charge experience simple and fast too. These customers will just be able to locate an EV charger through their app but also start/stop charging sessions and monitor usage sessions. ZEVpoint provides end to end infrastructure for home, business and commercial needs. In addition to, offering tailored products for your requirement ZEVpoint provides charging solutions, which are the most reliable and sturdy in the market and that makes it one of the top EV charging station companies in India.

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