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Robot & its Different Varieties

RobotsAn automated machine that can perform any task like a human does or mimic their action is known as robot. In today’s time, robot can be found almost everywhere. Mostly, it has been used in medical and automotive sector. Other industry is also working to get it onboard. By using robots their work will be more easier, where they can get huge benefits.  There are some myths that because of robots, the human’s requirement will get less, but it’s not true, because for managing these advance machines and automating it, human will surely need. Current robotics technology can automate only 25% of tasks in unpredictable, human-dependent areas like construction and nursing. If we see the situation globally, the market conditions of robots are improving day by day. The robotics market size was valued at $103.95 billion in 2019, and is projected to nearly double to $209 billion by 2025. The adoption of robots has increased after COVID-19 pandemic.

Types of Robots

There are numerous types of robots but here we have mentioned few;

Android: Android also known as humanoid robot looks like and/or mimics human behavior. As the name defines, these robots perform any task like humans. In the type of robots, android comes first and its unique services amaze each and every one. A study says that android or humanoid robots mostly perform task in healthcare, public relations, personal assistance, space exploration, manufacturing, and many more. A research also says that the android market is poised to hit $13 billion by 2026.

Humans and RobotsPre-Programmed Robots: Types of robots consist these robots also, which works in a controlled manner. There are many tasks that have to be done on regular basis, so technical people preset the robot and it works according to setting. The arm serves one function — to weld a door on, to insert a certain part into the engine, etc. — and its job is to perform that task longer, faster and more efficiently than a human.

Smart Robots: Smart robot is one of the most advanced robots. It has in-built AI algorithms which work and learn simultaneously. It has a smart function where it learns from environment and experiences to build knowledge and enhance capabilities to continuously improve. It also comes in different types of robots, which has spread all over the market.

Industrial Robots: According to its name, anyone can understand the function of this robot. Industrial robots work on automatically controlled bases.  By using these robots, any business can become simple automation to higher one. These types of robots make industrial work easier and advance. For taking your business to another level, one can definitely go with it.

RobotsTeleoperated Robots: Teleoperated robots are one of the different types of robots. It works as a wireless network to enable human control from a safe distance. These robots basically have been used in BP oil spill or drones to detect landmines on a battlefield.

Augmenting Robots: In the type of robots, augmenting robots work in a quite unbelievable manner. These robots help to convert science fiction into reality. If you see the examples, current augmenting robots are robotic prosthetic limbs or exoskeletons used to lift hefty weights. It is also known as one of the best types of robots.


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