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Smart World of IoT– The Edge is Getting Smarter, Smaller, and more Secured!

jaya bindraHumans have thrived for thousands of years because of our one inherent quality, human to human interactions. It is not so surprising for us to expect our devices and gadgets to interact more intelligently. The ability of gadgets not only to connect to each other or to a network, but to gather and make sense of data of their environments is what takes them a step closer to being smart. In the not-so-far future world of IoT, gadgets come with tiny brains, eyes, ears and a plethora of senses. They speak a common language, communicating w i t h o n e another and with higher capability systems. They make quite an impact to our lives, in the way we live, work and play. Things like home deliveries, instant cab bookings, easy and well secured financial transactions and even remote medical consultations are now at our fingertips – thanks to advanced smart technologies. IoT is the integration of sensors and edge computing, secure connectivity and Machine Learning (ML). IoT with secure connectivity allows data protection, privacy and accessibility from anywhere around the globe. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable devices to gain a shade of human-like intelligence and adapt to different user environments.

In this paper presentation, we will delve into the rapid development of science and technology in the field of IoT. We will discuss the challenges of building the next-generation of IoT and how to overcome these challenges with the help of a real-world example – a cost effective integrated Smart home solution offering the best performance and system security.

Challenges of Designing an IoT System

The IoT applications are endless and innovators are continuously identifying more interesting and useful ways to harness sensors, monitoring data and controlling the system. IoT devices are wide spread in various domains including wearables, cars, homes, industrials, and even cities. These creative innovations demand the end product to be excellent energy efficient, highly secured, aesthetically more pleasing, having the applications wrapped around intuitive software enabling easy-to-use devices, etc.

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