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ThoughtWorks Hosts India’s First Technology Radar Summit

ThoughtWorks hosted India’s first chapter of the Technology Radar Summit 2019 in Bengaluru on 29 June. This Summit was on occasion of Vol. 20 of the Technology Radar’s global launch.

The latest edition of the bi-annual report that provides nuanced advice around technologies, tools, techniques, platforms, and languages highlights four themes – The Shifting Shape of Data, Terraforming an Ecosystem, Kotlin Klimbing, and The Leaking Encapsulation Boundaries.

Martin Fowler, Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks, said, ‘’The Radar is relevant to businesses facing disruptive competition who need to understand and apply the philosophy of [email protected] Our Radar helps these progressive businesses be aware of developments in technology that support their role in enabling the success of their customers.’’

The Tech Radar Summit saw the enthusiastic participation of over 450 software developers, decision-makers and thought leaders from across India. The day was packed with interesting talks by thought leaders and breakout sessions spread across three tracks catering to the audience’s varying tech interests. The Summit also featured an Experience Zone that mobilized Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to design immersive gaming experiences for the assembled tech practitioners.

The exclusive talks curated for the event featured a keynote speech delivered by Chief Scientist at ThoughtWorks Martin Fowler, who co-authored of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. His talk delved into the decade long evolution of the Radar and its pertinence to technologists.

Other opinion leaders who took the stage included, Padmanabhan Balasubramanian, MD at Goldman Sachs who discussed the advancement of financial and technical aspects of platform business for engineers. Sauvik Banerjee, Technology Leader at Tata Group Digital shared his journey of becoming the CTO and Ranjan Sakalley, CTO at GoPay explored the seven building blocks of reliable systems. Vivek Raghavan, Chief Project Manager, UIDAI paired with ThoughtWorker Samir Seth on a talk that explored the ways AI can improve the quality of governance.

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