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TI Provides GaN Technology to Delta Electronics

Texas Instruments (TI) shared that its gallium nitride (GaN) technology and C2000™ real-time microcontrollers (MCUs) are being combined with Delta Electronics’ high-efficiency power electronics expertise in the design of an enterprise server power-supply unit (PSU) featuring an 80% improvement in power density with 1% better efficiency — up to 99.2% — for data center applications, compared to enterprise server power supplies using a traditional architecture. A 1% improvement equals 1-megawatt (or 800 households) total cost of ownership savings per data center, according to Energy Innovation.

ganDelta Electronics, a global leader in power- and thermal-management solutions and a leading AC/DC, DC/DC and DC/AC power systems provider for a wide range of applications — including IT, electric vehicle charging, appliances and industrial power — chose TI due to its decade-long investment in GaN technology as well as its real-time control solution with C2000 MCUs. TI uses innovative semiconductor manufacturing processes to manufacture GaN-on-silicon technology and integrated circuits (ICs) to help companies such as Delta Electronics create differentiated applications to more efficiently power data centers around the world.

“Our passion at TI is to create a better world by making electronics more affordable through semiconductors, and our GaN technology enables a whole new world of higher efficiency and smaller, more reliable solutions,” said Steve Lambouses, vice president for High Voltage Power at TI. “In addition to technology investments, TI’s investments in internal manufacturing will allow new technologies like GaN to scale quickly and support customers like Delta.”

“Delta’s long-term focus on reducing mankind’s carbon footprint through energy-efficient products and solutions entails long-term collaboration with industry leaders such as TI in regards to next-generation technologies. GaN has crossed the threshold from being a future technology to an immediate, viable option available today for new designs of power supply systems,” said Jimmy Yiin, vice president and general manager of the Power and System Business Group at Delta Electronics. “This is especially true for server PSUs, for which we are looking to exceed 98% efficiency and 100 W/inchof power density. The next several years will be exciting because GaN will revolutionize power design and architectures as we know them, which will enable Delta to further cement its position as a leading provider of energy-saving solutions for data centers and other major applications.”

Integrated GaN ICs deliver higher efficiency, power density and system reliability

  • In high-voltage, high-power industrial applications, integrated power-supply solutions are better able to achieve high performance within limited board space. TI GaN field-effect transistors (FETs) integrate a fast-switching driver, plus internal protection and temperature sensing.
  • These ICs are backed by more than 40 million hours of device reliability testing and more than 5 GWh of power conversion testing, providing rigorous reliability data to support engineers who want to consider GaN to build power systems that are smaller, lighter and more efficient.
  • When coupled with TI GaN power solutions, TI C2000 real-time MCUs deliver benefits such as complex, time-critical processing, precision control, and software and peripheral scalability. Additionally, these MCUs fully unlock the potential of GaN-based power solutions for server PSUs by supporting different power-design topologies and high switching frequencies to maximize the design’s power efficiency.


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