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Time Dissemination Project with GPS Satellite System

PAFIThe government of India will have a new project called the time dissemination project that will have its own GPS satellite system.

This will help solve cybercrime issues said Rohit Kumar Singh, Secretary, Department Of Consumer Affairs, Government Of India while speaking today at the Public Affairs Forum of India’s (PAFI) Dialogue on the theme, “Balancing Consumer Interest with Ease of Doing Business”.

He also announced that the government will soon come out with a new set of standards for Artificial Intelligence (AI). The government is working with the US government to understand more aspects about the AI.

“Cabinet has approved a bill for decriminalisation which will be introduced soon, said Singh.

He further spoke about how the department of consumer affairs handles various issues like price stabilization and other administrative and huge infrastructure issues. “The department is finding the root cause and issues related to consumer affairs to address them”, he added. He continued that the economy will only grow if the firms are competitive.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has issued a consumer helpline number. The service is receiving more complaints from E-commerce consumers, which has gone up to 48% from 8% during the last one year. “Anonymity between consumer and the service is the cause for this increased participation. The relationship between the consumer and the service has gone because of the E-commerce services, which makes the consumer weaker”, said Singh and added this is where consumer affairs play a role in protecting the consumer.

Virat Batia, President PAFI, welcomed the Secretary, Department Of Consumer Affairs, Government Of India and moderated the session. T.S Vishwanath, Director General, Past President and Founding Member PAFI, shared the closing remarks.


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