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TME Stocks Products from CEM

IP64 the device can be used in heavily dusted and humid environments.

TME has recently announced the availability of DT-9231 and DT-9332 from CEM. The products are to are two-pole voltage indicators which allow to detect AC and DC voltage and take measurements up to 1000V.

TMEThe testers are equipped with polarisation indicators in single-phase networks, while in three-phase networks they display information about the phase rotation direction.

IP64 the device can be used in heavily dusted and humid environments. Testers meet the requirements of CAT III 1000V / CAT IV 600V category. The DT-9231 model is equipped with a simple LED indicator showing the voltage level, whereas the more advanced model has a built-in backlit LCD. Additionally, the DT-9332 allows for measurement of resistance within the range of 0…1999 Ω. The built-in flashlight in both models facilitates work in poor external light conditions.

CEM, originating from Shenzhen, is a supplier of measuring and testing instruments. Despite the fact that these products have been available from TME for a long time, there are few new solutions at TME that deserve to be noticed. These are testers and meters for professionals, characterised by high ingress protection rating and resistance to environmental factors – dedicated for installation and maintenance works in electrical and industrial systems.


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