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TME Stocks WAGO Quick Splice Connectors

The 221-2411 connectors have a nominal voltage of 450 V and a rated current of up to 32 A.

TME has recently started offering new products in the lienup of WAGO quick splice connectors.

TME WAGO ConnectorsWAGO quick splice connectors are well known to electricians and electrical engineers dealing with mains circuits, as well as the implementation of power supply systems.

They are suitable for use with solid and stranded wires while providing a low resistance connection. They provide good insulation of connections, as well as easy disassembly, e.g., for modernization or diagnostics.

The advantages of the 221 series connectors include the possibility of their repeated use and the availability of many variants.

The first product worth mentioning is the 221-2411 inline splicing connector with a lever. It has two opposite connection points used to connect parallel wires without having to bend them.

This mounting method saves space in enclosures with a limited capacity, e.g., flush-mounted boxes. It is the way to extend cables (if you need to retrofit a section, e.g., due to failure, burnout, insulation damage, etc.) and improve work efficiency.

It can be used for a three-phase electrical wiring installation in the home, where only three wires are used to supply power (connections to three-phase sockets), while the others may be connected using splice connectors.

The 221-2411 connectors have a nominal voltage of 450 V and a rated current of up to 32 A. Spring lever connectors are designed for conductors from 0.2 mm2 to 4 mm2.

For customers looking for solutions designed for conductors with larger diameters, we also recommend the new quick connectors equipped with 2, 3, or 5 terminals.

These products are suitable for conductors with cross-sections of up to 6 mm2.

These are classic WAGO products, with all outputs placed on one side of the connector.

They are also characterized by higher rated current (41A), which makes them ideal for demanding installations.


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