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BIS TECHNOVATORS | Building the Next Generation of Automated Video, an AI-driven platform that uses cloud-agnostic and deep learning algorithms for the automatic interpretation of content featured in videos. Their state-of-the-art technology helps to process content on the fly, including, automatically meta-tagging it, understanding the context, identifying key moments, and processing video content automatically and instantly. Through its proprietary technology helps its partners to drive engagements, increase interactions, and grow revenue across their video content while managing risks and reducing costs. Meghna Krishna, Chief Revenue Officer, while talking with Nitisha Dubey from BISinfotech elaborates its special offerings and future plans.

  1.  Kindly explain and its special services.

Toch is an AI-driven platform that helps broadcasters, OTT platforms, media platforms and creators to unlock the potential of videos. Through its proprietary technology, Toch helps its partners to drive engagements, increase interactions, and grow revenue across their video content while managing risks and reducing costs. Our AI-driven technology enables content providers to offer the right content at the right time meeting and exceeding their customer’s expectations.

Building the next generation of automated video automation processes is our vision. We provide a cloud-agnostic platform that can be easily implemented as an addition to any legacy systems. Our core products that constitute the solution are:

  • Bite-sized videos
  • Toch Engage
  • Toch Amplify

2. Kindly share your views about the rise in the consumption of video and how important is understanding audience sentiments to create engaging content?

Video continues to be the clear leader when it comes to data consumption over the internet, this growth is partly led by social media platforms booming and partly by short-form content driving greater engagements. To a customer set with short attention spans (which continue to become shorter), it is imperative that the video content being served to them is fulfilling this need of instantaneous ‘gratification’. This is where content creators would need to move, and AI tools would be critical in this transformation.

3. How Toch.AI leveraging technology to customise video content to match the evolving needs of the customers/audience.

Through our tools and capturing of Meta Data on videos, we are able to better categories the videos and the moments within. Providing the right information and assets to content creators and platforms we enable them to reach their audiences with the right content on the right platform.

4. According to you, what kind of revolutionary changes have been witnessed in the video marketing space.  

Short answer, micro-moments and personalised targeting. The length of videos is going down and the needs of the audience and wants from content pieces are becoming highly personalised. In this time of change content creators and broadcasters need to evolve to be relevant.

5. Future of video consumption.

Across the world, videos are becoming a tool of communication and the process of creation of these videos and their distribution is democratizing. We are sitting on a great wave of video content and this will only fuel more consumption. The industry players need to transform to make the most of this opportunity.

6. How was the year 2019-2020 in terms of business and what will be your future marketing strategy?

We stabilized our operations and registered a good year with double digit growth. We are now ready to grow at an even larger scale and establish operations internationally.

7. Challenges and scopes in the same industry.

Biggest challenge in the industry is the awareness about AI-based tools and their potential to assists and grow the business.


Nitisha Dubey

I am a Journalist with a post graduate degree in Journalism & Mass Communication. I love reading non-fiction books, exploring different destinations and varieties of cuisines. Biographies and historical movies are few favourites.

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