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Top 10 AI Startups in India

AI-StartupsAI startups have showcased tremendous growth since last few years. According to a report by AIMResearch, the AI startups in India have attracted total funding of $836.3 million — the largest funding outlay in the last seven years at a 9.7% year-on-year growth.  The report also mentioned that despite of COVID-19 pandemic the funds have been doubled in 2020 as comparison to the year 2019.  From the healthcare to agriculture, invention of AI enabled services has improved every aspect of life helping the growth of AI startups in India. By using AI, AR and VR have improvised our way of entertainment.  Not only that, AI startups in India through its offering and services has made our life so convenient that we can now experience shopping and medical help, while just be seated at home. Here we have enlisted top 10 AI startups in India, which provides world class AI services;


Avaamo-LogoKarnataka based AI startup in India – Avaamo provides tightly integrated platform on its customer’s recommendations. Whether its authoring tools, unsupervised learning, data pipeline, integration to systems of record (SoR), conversational simulation, independent staging and testing environment or multiple deployment options, cloud, on premise or hybrid; Avaamo, one of the top 10 AI startups in India engineers have created sophisticated tools to speed time-to-value with unparalleled attention to detail so that you can rapidly create, manage and deploy enterprise scale conversational applications. Its huge popularity and the advanced services have made it one of the top 10 AI startups in India.

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uniphore logoUniphore, among one of the top 10 AI startups in India offers conversational Service Automation platform that delivers the most sophisticated, accurate, personalized and automated customer service on the planet. Its services provide natural conversation. Without frustration, just true understanding of emotion and intent in real-time, with faster problem resolution it assures. At Uniphore, conversational Service Automation gives customer service agents improved quality of agent conversation, automating agent tasks, automatic disposition capture. All with an underlying analytics and security layer. Uniphore’s makes as the top 10 AI startups in India because of its unique platform which includes Speech Analytics, Virtual Assistant and Voice Biometrics that change the way enterprises engage their consumers, build loyalty and realize efficiencies.

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QureFounded by Prashant Warier and Pooja Rao, our one of the top 10 AI startups in India aims to use artificial intelligence to make healthcare more accessible and affordable. Its core team combines deep learning expertise with clinical, scientific and regulatory knowledge.’s advisory panel makes them one of the top 10 AI startups in India. This unique advisory panel consists of radiologists, other doctors and public health experts. The company works with the specialists to define clinically relevant problems and design real-world solutions. The best solutions provide by has made it one of the top 10 AI startups in India.

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Strand Life Sciences

Strand Life SciencesStrand Life Sciences – one of the top 10 AI startups in India is a clinical research and diagnostics company that combines a long track record in bioinformatics with cutting-edge laboratory assays and a vast hospital partner network to drive newer generations of patient care. Strand’s customers include global instrument, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies. Strand is also a pioneer of genomic testing in India and that’s make it one of the top 10 AI startups in India. Strand’s diagnostics menu makes it India’s leading integrated specialized diagnostics company, covering oncology, genetics, fertility, women’s health, infectious diseases and general wellness.

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LoginextLogiNext is amongst the fastest growing SaaS companies and make it to our top 10 AI startups in India.  LogiNext provides solutions to manage and optimize logistics and field service operations. LogiNext’s flagship products are its cloud-based Last-Mile Delivery and Route Optimization software and its Field Service and Field Workforce Optimization software. LogiNext’s highly configurable enterprise logistics management software solutions are designed to serve all client needs using smart technology and big data analytics enabling comprehensive field service management. LogiNext’s Mile™, Field™, On Demand™, Haul™, and Reverse™ logistics and field workforce management solutions are automated, effective, secure and can be seamlessly integrated with multiple platforms providing complete logistics automation and because of its wide range of offering it is being considered as one of the top 10 AI startups in India.

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My Ally

My AllyFounded by Deepti Yenireddy My Ally, one of the top 10 AI startups in India, developed for enterprise human resource teams, My Ally is the world’s leading Talent Lifecycle Management solution. Its AI-enabled Source-to-Retain platform gives organizations the tools to discover & attract, interview & hire, and onboard & retain the right people to fuel business. Their fabulous offering has attracted lots of appreciation from the clients, which made its name in one of the top 10 AI startups in India.

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DoxperDoxper based in Mumbai, founded by Shailesh Prithani and Pawan Jain is another top 10 AI startups in India which is known for its unique advancement in the healthcare industry.

It helps doctors and hospitals digitise to improve their operational, clinical and patient engagement outcomes. In the near future, they believe insights from this rich, longitudinal and demographic specific data will empower providers to optimise processes for the broader healthcare ecosystem.

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Ishitva Robotics Systems

Ishitva Robotics SystemsOne of the top 10 AI startups in India, Ishitva Robotics Systems aims at solving real-world problem of Waste by building efficient solutions based on industry 4.0 tools, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT. Effective sorting of the waste is currently the weakest link in creating circular value chain. Therefore, to avoid dumping and burning of the dry waste, we particularly focus at creating effective and efficient sorting system to improve both quantity as well as quality of recycling activities.

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KreatoKreato one of the top 10 AI startups in India accelerates sales with its Sales CRM Platform powered by in-built (patent pending) Sales Acceleration AI – Axlerate.

Core Sales CRM arms sales teams with much-needed sales execution capabilities with the right mixture of sales pipeline management, engagement, and automation tools, whereas Axlerate AI augments sales team decision making and execution capabilities throughout the LOC (Lead-Opportunity-Closure) sales cycle to sell faster, smarter and more.

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Attentive AI

Attentive AIDelhi based AI startup- Attentive AI founded in 2017 by IIT Delhi alumni has made it into our top 10 AI startups in India. Attentive AI develops artificially intelligent systems that analyse petabytes of geospatial imagery and convert it into accurate insights.

The company serves P&C insurance companies, outdoor service businesses and geospatial technology providers.

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