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Top 10 Automotive Connector Manufacturers in the World

automotiveAs the name defines, automotive connector is being used to connect or disconnect automobile electrical lines. Nowadays, when automation has massively transformed, so systems are extensively wired and controlled by a microprocessor, and automotive connector is the main source of connecting such wires to each other. The main difference of automotive connection systems to any other branch is the very high level of technical reliability set by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Today, we have enlisted top 10 automotive connector manufacturers in the world;

TE Connectivity

TE Connectivity has world-class automotive connector’s technology. TE Connectivity provides quality electrical and electronic interconnection products for automotive, on- and off-highway, and hybrid and electric vehicles to electrically and mechanically join wires and cables, printed circuit boards, integrated circuit packages, and batteries. Its automotive connectors are built to withstand tough conditions and suit the needs of varying industries.

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The wide range of automotive connectors from Aptiv has made its name in the top 10 automotive connector manufacturers in the world. Aptiv holds a leading position as a technology company innovating at the intersection of disruptive trends in the mobility industries. Aptiv uses its technologies to make vehicles safer, greener and more connected and enable the future of mobility. With a presence in 44 countries, Aptiv addresses mobility’s toughest challenges through its deep software and systems integration expertise.

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Although Molex has tremendous varieties in products and its connectors are famous worldwide. Molex works for automotive industry’s growing requirement. Its ConnTAK50 Connector System is answer to automakers’ need for miniaturized connectors. It is designed in strict compliance with the design and function guidelines published by the Arbeitskreis (AK) Organization of German car manufacturers. At Molex, they have a huge innovators team who design and build solutions for companies where data, technology and the complex electronic solutions that enable them are in a constant state of transformation.

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Amphenol is known as the leader in the automotive connectors market. The flex circuit connectors from Amphenol have achieved its name in the top 10 automotive connector manufacturers in the world. Amphenol offers products in LIF (low insertion force) and ZIF (zero insertion force), top and bottom contact options, vertical and right angle orientations, surface mount and through hole terminations in contact spacing options all the way down to 0.2mm with finer pitch products on their way. It has additional features, such as optional cable locks and additional mounting devices, which insure that Amphenol has a solution for almost any application, no matter how demanding.

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For nearly a century, Eaton has been supplying the global automotive industry with highly engineered products that help to increase fuel economy as well as improve a vehicle’s overall efficiency, performance and control. Eaton’s automotive connectors are one of them. It is known as the leading manufacturer of these connectors. Eaton’s automotive business employs nearly 10,000 people and is headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. It has Engineering, Research and Development centers in Marshall, Michigan; Turin, Italy; Baden-Baden, Germany; Pune, India; and Shanghai, China and more than 30 manufacturing locations worldwide. Eaton supplies nearly every automotive, vehicle and engine manufacturer in the world with high-quality parts, systems and services on a daily basis.​

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Yamaichi Electronics

Yamaichi Electronics is a well-known name in the automotive industry. It has created high-quality products for the automotive sector. Automotive applications are characterised by very long product lifetimes, demanding requirements for physical stability, high quality and very tight and reduced installation space. It automotive connectors are nowhere less than any other products. Yamaichi Electronics develops and produces a wide range of standard & customised connector solutions as well as cable assemblies. Yamaichi Electronics’ portfolio of test solutions ranges from the bare contacting of semiconductor devices and their diverse package types to complex and highly integrated test systems for manual and automated testing.

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Phoenix Contact

Phoenix Contact has earned its name due to its world class automotive connectors. From DIN rail and terminal blocks, to cable and connectivity, to a full range of PLC, HMI and networking solutions, Phoenix Contact provides superior components, cost-savings and innovation for the demanding requirements of powertrain, body shop and paint applications. Phoenix Contact automotive solutions have numerous varieties which has already impressed its clients.

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C&K Switches

Automotive companies worldwide have come to rely upon C&K’s reliable, high-performance, high-quality automotive connectors to power their innovative applications and designs. Features such as tight product tolerances, haptic-on-demand, acoustical adaptation, environmental & process sealing and mechanical or electrical interface integration are the core values of automotive switching – and C&K is known for successfully delivering these to customers for more than 30 years.

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Rosenberger’s automotive controllers are one of its popular products, which stand for precision, durability and quality at the highest level. The company has considerable expertise in the automotive sector from two decades of designing and producing both customized solutions and standard products. In this challenging market, Rosenberger Automotive is firmly established as a development partner for connector systems and customer-specific solutions, offering the highest quality and best value for money.

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Littelfuse is a global manufacturer of automotive controllers. Apart from that, Littelfuse also manufacture circuit protection, power control, and sensing. Its products are found in automotive and commercial vehicles, industrial applications, data and telecommunications, medical devices, consumer electronics, and appliances. Our 11,000 worldwide associates partner with customers to design, manufacture, and deliver innovative, high-quality solutions for a safer, greener, and increasingly connected world.

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