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Top 10 Backplane Connector Manufacturers

ConnectorsFor making a complete computer system a connector has been used to joint different printed circuit boards (PCB) together is known as Backplane Connectors (Backplane). It is a backbone to connect several printed circuit boards. Although, backplanes connectors is being used in PCB, but wire-wrapped backplanes connectors have also been used in minicomputers and high-reliability applications. The backplane connector adds mechanical strength and stability while also working as a plane for integrating other system components. Here, we have enlisted top 10 Backplane Connector manufacturers;

HartingHarting: Harting’s connector has worldwide popularity and because of this it has been considered among the top 10 Backplane Connector manufacturers in the world.

Although, Harting has numbers of varieties in backplane connectors, but its DIN 41612 PCB connector has proven itself millions of times as a tested classic for connecting circuit boards and backplanes. The DIN Signal male and female connectors feature a constant pitch of 2.54 mm. This ensures a relatively high contact density as well as the necessary robustness.

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