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Top 10 EEPROM Makers in the World

EEPROMAlthough, we have earlier read about the memory card and its uses, but nobody has any idea about the upper version of it. So, here today we are discussing about EEPROM, which also known as E2PROM. It is also a memory card which is being used in computers, integrated in microcontrollers for smart cards and remote keyless systems, and other electronic devices for storing small amounts of data but allowing individual bytes to be erased and reprogrammed. There are numbers of manufactures, which makes EEPROM but we have enlisted Top 10 EEPROM Makers in the World;

Microchip Technology

Microchip has been manufacturing serial EEPROMs for over three decades now. With the industry’s largest portfolio, it provides a full range of densities and communication protocols to meet customers’ needs. Its quality and reliability set it apart and that’s why we have enlisted it in top 10 EEPROM makers in the world. Being a prominent player in this segment, Microchip is a well-deserved company under the Top 10 category.

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STMicroelectronics is one of the top 10 EEPROM makers in the world. ST focuses on the availability of the complete portfolio with short lead times, high flexibility in volume and worldwide distribution through selected partners. By choosing ST’s EEPROM, one can benefit from the expertise of the #1 EEPROM supplier for more than 14 years (IHS Dec.2019).

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ON Semiconductor

The portfolio of ON Semiconductor’s EEPROM Memory includes a variety of low power, serial and CMOS EEPROM Memory devices. The offerings cover a wide variety of densities and organization. The portfolio also includes AEC-Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable options specifically engineered and qualified for automotive industry applications, including Door module, Seat control unit, Immobilizer unit, Wiper module, Fan control unit, Park assist unit, Light management unit, Electronic parking brake, Engine Start/Stop control unit, Engine control unit, and ABS/ESP (Electronic Stability Program).

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Maxim Integrated

As we all are aware the product quality of Maxim Integrated, so one can one be unaware about the EEPROM. The DS2431 from Maxim is a 1024-bit, 1-Wire EEPROM chip organized as four memory pages of 256 bits each. As a special feature, the four memory pages can individually be write protected or put in EPROM-emulation mode, where bits can only be changed from a 1 to a 0 state.

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Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics’ EEPROM realizes high speed, low power consumption and a high level of reliability by employing advanced MONOS memory technology, CMOS process and low voltage circuitry technology. It supports a wide range of applications for Serial/Parallel EEPROMs.

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By providing world class EEPROM, Omron has established a global network and a closely linked service system covering its operating regions of Japan, North America, Europe, Greater China, and Asia Pacific. Omron provides fast and efficient support to its business partners worldwide through its comprehensive support system, from development to production, distribution and maintenance.

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NXP’s wide range EEPROM features dramatically increases the reliability compared to others conventional EEPROMs. Power consumption is low due to the full CMOS technology used. The programming voltage is generated on-chip, using a voltage multiplier.

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Adesto Technologies

Adesto’s EEPROM endurance can be as much as 40X higher than industry standard EEPROM devices operating in byte write mode at 85°C. Unlike EEPROMs based on floating gate technology (which require read-modify-write on a whole page for every write operation) CBRAM write endurance is based on the capability to write each byte individually, irrespective of whether the user writes single bytes or an entire page.

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Parallax’s EEPROM directive allows you to define a set of data to store in the available EEPROM locations. It is called a “directive” rather than a “command” because it performs an activity at compile-time rather than at run-time (i.e., the EEPROM directive is not downloaded to the BASIC Stamp 1, but the data it contains is downloaded).

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ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM serial EEPROMs are non-volatile memory optimized for data retention, available in a range of interfaces, package types, and storage capacities.

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