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Top 10 Encoders Manufacturers of the World

IntroAn encoder can be defined as an electro-mechanical device, which convert data from one form of signal to another and provide feedback to the system.  Like in position sensing, the device can sense mechanical motion to translate it into an electrical signal and the signal either its analog or digital is, in turn, sent back to a controlling device where it is interpreted into a certain measure of value that can be used in the program or system. The device can be used to sense position, speed, direction, or the number of counts in a system to get higher accuracy. Encoders, based on the type of movement being monitored, can be categorized into three main types namely, linear, rotary and angle encoders. 


Then further classification leads to two other types of encoders, that is, incremental and absolute encoders which are available in both linear and rotary types. The device has applications in various fields including electronics, CNC machining, automation, robotics, etc. With this, we have enlisted Top 10 Encoder Manufacturers in the world that have made their name in this field.

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