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BIS Chart-Busters: Top 10 Microcontrollers (MCU) Manufacturers for 2020

MicrocontrollersMicrocontroller is a type of processor on a single integrated circuit, containing memory, processor, and input /output peripheral. It is installed in automatically controlled products and electronic devices such as remote controls, office machines, home appliances, power tools, toys, and others. Usage of microcontroller in electronic devices makes their functioning error free and ensures smooth process flow. The microcontroller market growth is largely driven by the increase in number of automated machines. In addition, increase in number of portable electronics such as personal computers, tablet, and smartphones; and growth in number of luxury cars, which use advanced electronic systems have contributed to growth of this market. However, malfunctioning of microcontroller in extreme climatic conditions such as extremely low and high temperatures could limit the market. The global microcontroller market size is estimated to reach $15.67 billion by 2022 from $8.60 billion in 2015, growing at a CAGR of 8.4% from 2016 to 2022.

Analog Devices

Analog Devices has been tapping the emerging IoT processing application with its microcontroller units (MCUs) offerings. Analog Devices allows analog and digital sensing. Ability of low-power consumption, Analog Devices MCUs can even be powered through a single coin cell battery. Matching different applications need, Analog Devices MCUS are apt for industrial, automotive, and instrumentation applications, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) applications.


Cypress Semiconductor

Cypress extensive Microcontrollers(MCUs) offering pan across many domains and applications. With broad offering of MCUs, Cypress portfolio includes low-power to high-performance microcontrollers (MCUs) for various markets. Cypress MCUs are tailored for consumer, industrial and automotive markets. Cypress also has a unique PSoC® MCU, Flexible MCU (FM) and Automotive MCU Portfolios. Cypress MCUs has matched market demands with its unique low-power, flexible and high-performance MCUs.



The giant German semiconductor manufacturer, Infineon is a leading player in the microcontroller(MCUs) segment. Infineon has a lot to offer in MCUs technology. Innovation kept as prime Infineon MCUs are addressing various applications. Infineon, 32-bit-Microcontroller(MCUs) are among them. The 32-bit-Microcontroller(MCUs) from Infineon has special features which makes it an ideal choice for applications offering connectivity, safety and security. Infineon MCUs portfolio includes, The XMC™ family: One MCU platform, The AURIX™ family.


Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated 32-bit microcontrollers (MCUs) have been enabling to build robust devices in the IoT segment.  Focusing on 32-bit microcontroller devices, Maxim Integrated MCUs combine the biggest embedded memories of any MCUs in their class with ultra-efficient power management. Maxim Integrated MCUs performs in an low-power and small footprints with best-in-class security. Maxim MCUs with secure 32-bit microcontrollers integrate advanced cryptography and physical security leverages high-level security.



Microchip has a leading offering in the Microcontrollers(MCUs)segment. Microchip MCUs meet the demand of the continuous changing electronics. Microchip MCUs portfolio includes scalable 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers. Microchip comes with intuitive design environments and visual configuration tools. Microchip with its wide offering of MCUs caters varied applications. Its extensive assistance through reference designs and software libraries, Microchip’s MCUs becomes the first-choice for customers.



NXP in MCUs offering is no behind as it has innovative and advanced offering catering to various IoT demands. NXP has a comprehensive portfolio in MCUs with extensive software and development environment. NXP’s MCU offering pans across broad portfolio of MCUs across our 8-, 16-, and 32-bit platforms. NXP MCUs features leading-edge low-power, analog, control, and communications IP. NXP MCUs combines best of Kinetis and LPC technologies with two decades legacy of industry-leading products.


ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor offers a wide portfolio of MCUs in their own tailored category.  ON Semiconductor offerings expands from 8-bit and 16-bit general purpose and application-specific microcontroller devices. From Ultra-Low Power Microcontroller for RF Applications to 8-bit Microcontroller with Full-Speed USB integrated 32K-byte Flash ROM and 2048-byte RAM are few examples from the gamut of ON Semiconductor MCU offerings. General Purpose Microcontrollers are one of ON Semiconductors key MCU offerings.



Panasonic with no shock makes into the leading MCU offerings as the company has a lot to offer in the growing MCU market. From embedded device software and system needs, the Panasonic AM1 (MN101C/MN101E/MN101L) and AM3 (MN103H/MN103S/ MN103L) Series signal a new concept in Microcomputer design.  Panasonic MCUs comes in 8-bit and 32-bit models. Panasonic Microcomputers combine high performance with low power consumption. Panasonic MCUs are tailored for a wide range of applications, including high-performance embedded controllers and key devices in multimedia hardware.


Renesas Electronics

Renesas Electronics offers microcontroller(MCUs) with immaculate expandability and scalability allowing customers to make full use of existing resources. Renesas MCUs comes in a wide array of memory and package options. Renesas microcontrollers are fast, highly reliable, low in cost, and deliver eco-friendly performance. Renesas Electronics touts to render the best-in-class and most powerful solutions based on a wide selection of microcontrollers (MCUs). Renesas Electronics MCUs incorporates the most advanced technologies and one can innovate according to the need and market demand.


ROHM Semiconductor

ROHM is a company which ones opts when thinking about MCUs. ROHM has an extensive offering the MCU space. ROHM caters the advanced needs of electronics through its MCU offerings. ROHM has High Performance & Ultra Low Power MCU, Ultra Low Operating Voltage & Ultra Low Power MCU, Sensor Hub MCU, ARM-Based MCU. ROHM MCUs also cater the growing market of IoT enhancing the connected world.



Catering the embedded application domain, STMicroelectronics is a dominating name in the MCU segment.   ST offers a massive microcontroller product portfolio. ST MCUs are robust, low-cost  8-bit MCUs up to  32-bit Arm®-based Cortex®-M microcontrollers which comes with a comprehensive choice of peripherals.  ST MCUs helps design engineers the blend of power efficiency, security, high performance and scalability. The  STM32 Microcontroller (MCU) portfolio also features wireless connectivity solutions.


Texas Instruments

TI MCUs are helping develop the autonomous future. TI offers vast 16-bit and 32-bit MCUs. TI MCUs are high-performance, low-power solutions building the next world of IoT. TI portfolio of low-power, high-performance microcontrollers (MCUs) comes in wired and wireless options. TI gives access to a robust development ecosystem that includes LaunchPad™ Development Kits. TI MCUs offer silicon, software and development tools to help designers bring their designs quick in the market.



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