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Top 10 Modular and Ethernet Connectors Manufacturers in the World

EthernetAn electric connector which connects electronic devices and appliances, such as computer networking, telecommunication equipment, and audio headsets is known as modular connector. There was a time when it used to connect only telephone sets but nowadays you can find these connectors in laptops and in different types of electronic devices also. On the other hand, Ethernet connector and modular connector have a huge difference but it cannot be simply identified. Ethernet connectors have a large and extra number of wires as comparison to modular connectors. Both cables have equal shape and plug, Ethernet has eight wires, where modular has only four. Here, we have enlisted top 10 Modular and Ethernet Connectors manufacturers in the world;

Harting Modular and Ethernet Connectors

Harting-Modular-Connector.jpgHarting’s Han-Modular® connector series is designed for combining Assembly details different transmission media in one connector. The multifaceted system of inserts, contacts, frames, hoods and housings as well as accessories fulfils individual customer requirements.

The customer can choose between more than 100 different modules. These are suitable for different transmission media and cover various termination techniques. Signals, data, power and compressed air – in standard-sized industrial connector housings. Han-Modular® offers easy-to-handle, highly flexible solutions with a small footprint and versatile functionality. Harting’s ethernet connectors M8 is a common connector at the field level, although to date only for the transmission of signals. The new M8 D-code has a robust metal housing with continuous shielding, which enables it to supply devices with 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet. Harting believes that mini ethernet connectors provide space savings and enable miniaturization.

Amphenol Modular and Ethernet Connectors

Amphenol’s Ethernet and modular connectors has a wide range and extraordinary quality. It has different versions with threaded coupling mechanisms which provide positive mating or a unique push-pull coupling system which allows quick installation.Amphenol Ethernet connector

Amphenol is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world and its best products has made its name in the top 10 modular and ethernet connectors manufacturers in the world. The company designs, manufactures and markets electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, and interconnect systems. To know more, click here

Bel Modular and Ethernet Connectors

Bel’s connectors have a huge varieties and it has consistently proven to be a valuable supplier to the foremost companies. Bel’s product design and special manufacturing facilities has made it the top 10 modular and ethernet connectors manufacturers in the world. By providing its specially designed manufacturing facilities, Bel has established itself as a formidable competitor on a global basis. Bel currently enjoys a wide market share in this segment as it keeps innovation and market strategies at par.

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TE Connectivity Modular and Ethernet Connectors

TE_Connectivity connectorTE Connectivity (TE) design and manufacture an expansive portfolio of modular and ethernet connectors that are engineered to reliably transmit data, power, and signal in the harshest environments, under the most extreme use. The different types of connectors are manufactured to reduce application size and power usage while enabling increased performance. Amphenol’s audio and visual connectors offer enhanced board retention and EMI shielding. And also automotive connectors are built to withstand harsh conditions of highway and off-road transportation.

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Molex Modular and Ethernet Connectors

By providing versatile solutions to meet increasing demand for information flow with greater bandwidth requirements, Molex’s broad range of Modular and Ethernet connectors offer exceptional performance for voice, data and high-speed networking applications in addition to consumer, medical, and industrial applications. Additionally, Molex offers jacks with integrated magnetics that support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and specialized, sealed jacks and plugs for harsh environments.

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Würth Elektronik Modular and Ethernet Connectors

Würth Elektronik has a huge family of Modular and Ethernet connectors. These modular connectors are available in various designs: in horizontal and vertical directions and also with an angle of 47.5°, shielded and unshielded, and in some cases with EMI contact fingers. In their layout the components are compatible with the corresponding Cat5 products.

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Neutrik Modular and Ethernet Connectors

NeutrikNeutrik not only provide world class modular connectors but also known as a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of audio, coaxial, power and circular connectors.

Neutrik’s audio range includes XLR connectors, plugs, jacks, speaker connectors, patch bays and fiber optic connection systems. Since the beginning in 1975, a great number of patents as well as license agreements are the evidence of Neutrik‘s innovative and creative achievements.

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Halo Electronics Modular and Ethernet Connectors

HALO designs and manufactures a broad line of communication and power magnetics. Its products are found across the world in markets from consumer devices to critical medical and military applications. HALO’s series of 8P8C shielded modular through hole RJ45 connectors are available in Tab-Down, Tab-Up, Stacked, and Vertical latch orientations with three different gold plating options.

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Schneider Electric Modular and Ethernet Connectors

Schneider Electric has earned huge name in the industry and the reason is its modular and Ethernet connectors. Schneider believes access to energy and digital is a basic human right. Electricity is the most efficient and best vector for decarbonization; combined with circular economy approach, the company clain to achieve climate-positive impact as part of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Keystone Electronics Modular and Ethernet Connectors

Keystone’s modular connectors provide a reliable connection to networks.  It can mate with any plug that confirm to FCC Part 68, Subpart F. It is available as a surface mount, through hole mount or panel mount. Right Angle or Top Angle plug entry and waterproof. Keystone’s Product Design Guide M70 has products that are engineered specifically for use by OEM Designers and Engineers who create and develop state-of-the-art electronic products, instruments and systems.

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