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Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in India

Growing demand of electronics is wooing the demand for PCBs. India for years has been a massive market for PCB where PCB manufacturers determined strong returns. China is a leader in PCB production controlling the APAC market, accounting for 50 percent of the global production in 2018, followed by Taiwan with 12.6 percent, and South Korea with 11.6 percent.  The global PCB and PCBA market is expected to reach to $77.73 billion by 2020, driven by the likely rise in demand from automotive and electronics industries in the Asian countries. The advancements made in the PCB functionalities and manufacturing along with the miniaturisation of semiconductor devices are expected to drive the demand for more complex PCBs with a higher number of layers. The Government of India is pushing the manufacturing and usage of PCBs in the country.

Top 10 PCB manufacturersIn this article, we help you identify the Top 10 PCB manufacturers in India. Though it might not go your consent given, you also can’t deny these major companies in the PCB market. Follow the chronological list below:

Genus Electrotech Ltd.

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