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Top 10 Personal Robots Automating Home Maintenance

Personal RobotsDescending towards the end of 2021, a huge chunk was dominated by smart devices and 5G Deployments all around the world. Whether it’s the boom of remote working leading to a sharp incline in digital users or the innovation in mobile technology like the introduction of successful foldable phones, 2021 brought many surprises in its stead.

So, what to expect in 2022? You guessed it right, robotics in which personal robots is going to rule the next year with its mass deployments as we just encountered a small glimpse of the future while battling the pandemic. Many countries made perfect use of robotics care to treat the deadly corona virus-infected patients to suppress the highly contagious virus.

And this is just the beginning. The fascination with robots dates back to the early 1950s with the development of the world’s first commercial robot “Unimate”. And the numerous amounts of sci-fi movies portraying a futuristic world filled with robots just added flames to this futuristic idea.

With the grand plans announced by Elon Musk about the introduction of the first humanoid robot prototype, the hype around robots has again picked its pace.

But are humanoid robots the only option? No, a vast variety of robots have already started making their way in people’s homes with their small range of task handling capabilities.

And the number one example in this long list is the popular robots in home maintenance that have gained popularity with their AI features.

So, who are these Top 10 Personal Robots for Homes that are empowering house care from our grasp, let’s take a look!

Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance

Here’s the list of the most popular Top 10 Personal Robots for Home Maintenance that are featured at the top.

ECOVACS Smart Robotic Vacuum

ECOVACTopping the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance is ECOVACS’s innovative creation as the smart robotic vacuum.

The DEEBOT OZMO 930 app of this smart robot vacuum comes with a mapping technology, that helps in scheduling the time of cleaning anytime and is supported with voice commands using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

iRobot Roomba

Since its release in 2002, iRobot Roomba having fairly basic AI capabilities like identifying walls as well as avoiding stairs using built-in sensors, its latest 980 models possess advanced decision-making capabilities.

Scanning the room size while identifying obstacles while considering the most efficient routes are some of the features of this robot. Therefore, adding to the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance.


GrillbotAnother name adding to the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance, Grillbot occupies this spot due to its great cleaning skills while cleaning a grill.

Like a miniature Roomba, Grillbot possesses more fearsome metal bristles that work steadily on a hot or cold grill, once we close the lid and 10 to 30 minutes later, a cleaned grill is ready to be used again!

Ecovac Robotics WINBOT

Another beautiful creation of ECOVAC, WINBOT as the name suggests works in cleaning the window cleaning via a small robotic device cordless. The robot features advanced cleaning technologies to clean a wide variety of windows quietly and efficiently.

Equipped with various models to choose from, a version meant solely for small windows is also present thus, making its way in the Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance list.

Crowley Jones Electric Dustpan

Another name in the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance, Crowley Jones EV1850 Eye-Vac Pro Electric Dustpan is specially made for people facing back issues.

This smart vacuum/dustpan can be set into automatic mode to sweep the debris toward it. Its motion sensor detects when the broom is within range and starts up the vacuum.

iRobot Braava Jet 240

Making a spot in the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance, iRobot Braava Jet 240 deals with small spaces like a bathroom to mop the floors.

The robot also uses wetness to tackle caked-on materials and remembers obstacles in its path to carefully steers around them, then returns to its starting point. Once finished, the robot automatically shuts off after the cleaning session.

Worx Landroid

Adding its name to the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance, Worx Landroid is used to trim the lawn daily.

The robot provides a quieter ambience in comparison to its gasoline counterpart and possesses a return feature to its charging station once batteries are low.

Dolphin Nautilus

NautilusWorking according to its name, this small robot possesses vacuums and scrubs elements.

Dolphin features special swivel cables that will never get tangled and have a GPS facility to ensure that the entire pool is cleaned. Therefore, coming up in the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance.


Developed by Franklin Robotics, Tertill represents a weeding robot that lives and roams around the garden. Equipped with solar-powered and rainproof features, the robot can be kept outside and can be turned on when the garden needs tending.

Featured with proprietary algorithms, Tertill can find as many weeds as it can while avoiding large plants, thus coming in the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance.


Last but not the least, another robot making its place in the list of Top 10 Personal Robots in Home Maintenance is the Litter-Robot.

Specifically developed for pet lovers, especially cats, this pet-friendly robot automatically cleans the litter after each use.

Featuring an automatic sifter, it separates clean litter from soiled particles and puts the latter into a waste drawer for easy disposal.


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