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Top 10 Security ICs Manufacture Companies in the World

SecurityTechnology has developed numerous products to make everyone’s life much easier. With growing automation and digitalization, security is getting more prominent importance. Who makes your life better, Electronics! Hence, electronic companies are adopting and innovating in this space by offering next-gen Security ICs. Security ICs are getting traction in this growing digitized world. With convergence and integration of more electronics, Security ICs are becoming the pivotal technology for every semiconductor company. More software and hardware integrated designing and a rapid knack towards industrial automation is considerably driving the Security ICs market. So, here we have enlisted Top 10 Security ICs Manufacture Companies in the World;

Infineon Technologies

Infineon is the leading provider of security solutions. It offers tailored and ready-to-use security solutions serving a wide range of applications from smart cards to new, emerging use cases. Infineon comes under top 10 security ICs manufacture companies in the world because of its world class products. Outstanding security expertise and innovations make Infineon the preferred security partner.

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STMicroelectronics provides broad range of secure products and solutions which address the new security requirements and cover use cases ranging from simple devices to very complex infrastructure. STMicroelectronics Security ICs are dominating in the market and the company has been innovating strongly in this segment. STMicroelectronics Security ICs cater various applications including Internet of Things, Industrial and Automotive and encompasses also governmental or regulated requirements such as metering or Identity.

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Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated is one of the major companies among the top 10 security ICs manufacture companies in the world. Its DS28E38 Security IC provides a unique approach to mitigating key threats by providing a built-in key based on Maxim’s patented ChipDNA™ technology. Not just this, Maxim Integrated has a lot more wide product portfolio to cater in this domain.

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NXP Semiconductor

NXP has earned a lot of achievement by providing SmartMX® security controllers and embedded operating systems. NXP’s wide experience and expertise in rendering Security ICs has made the company in TOP 10 Security ICs Manufacture Companies in the World. Its security controller ICs are embedded in smart cards, mounted on circuit boards, or assembled into tokens.

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Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology has wide range of security ICs. Microchip Security ICs offering has a wide range of application expertise and is consistently innovating in this space. Its secure manufacturing facilities will safely provision keys in the devices, ensuring that keys are not exposed when being provisioned at the manufacturer, during field deployment of devices, or throughout the lifetime of the device.

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ON Semiconductor

ON Semiconductor highly complementary sensor portfolio includes motion detection and environmental sensing.  Coupled with wired and wireless connectivity options and industry leading products in efficient energy management, ON Semiconductor can deliver comprehensive solutions for security and surveillance. ON semiconductors Security ICs are worth making them as one of the top companies in the space of Security ICs.

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Windbond for years has been a known player in the Security ICs domain. Winbond’s security ICs has best in class protection technologies, integrated secure elements and security platforms. It is a specialty memory IC company. From product design, research and development, and wafer fabrication to the marketing of brand name products, Winbond endeavors to provide its global clientele with total memory solutions.

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MaxLinear is well known company providing Security IC solutions. MaxLinear has a lot of innovation in the Security IC space and technology. The company has majorly been innovating and has a handsome market share in the Security ICs domain.  MaxLinear delivers high-performance broadband and networking semiconductors based on its highly integrated radio frequency analog technology, high-performance optical networking technology.

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Mikroe is a fast-growing company that not only produces security ICs but also entire development toolchains for all major microcontroller architectures. Through its commitment to excellent, reliable and fully equipped hardware and software products, the company aim at helping fellow engineers get the job done quickly.

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Design Gateway

If not known, Design Gateway makes its space in the Top 10 Security ICs Manufacture Companies in the World. Design Gateway provides Application Specific IP cores (AS-IP) based on rich experience from provider of high-speed Storage and Networking IP Cores. Design gateway innovation in this space is a must-watch and the company is leading its way in providing Security ICs for many applications.

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*Disclaimer: The assessment and judging is done independently and through our internal market analysts’ team. If you deserve to be here, write us to [email protected]


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