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Future ADAS Trends Shaping Vehicles in 2022

Automakers are now steadily working towards some new features in their new models that will become the Top ADAS Trends in 2022.

Top ADAS TrendsChange is the backbone of every evolution process and as we look back at the past two decades, several industries are currently going through the phase of rapid transition.

The automotive sector can be considered as the most affected sector that has been influenced by this transition as we are now stepping into the era of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs).

However, the transition to a new world of driverless vehicles is not a piece of cake as the foundation of every change is built around numerous failed attempts.

Connected Cars and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are some of the latest automotive technologies that will act as the stepping stone between traditional cars and the cars of tomorrow.

Since comfort and safety of the user are slowly becoming the main USP (Unique Selling Point) of every new model of the vehicle specifically cars.

With driver assistance systems becoming more common, drivers have to start adjusting their driving to the capabilities of their vehicle.

And with new capabilities offered with significant safety improvements coming with every new model, drivers must show adaptability as they move from vehicle to vehicle.

Keeping this in mind, automakers are now steadily working towards some new features in their new models that will become the Top ADAS Trends in 2022.

Since the safety of the drivers plays a key role in the ADAS vehicles, so every Top ADAS Trends in 2022 are centered around these key points.

Top ADAS Trends in 2022

Following the pace of this current digital and connected world, Top ADAS Trends in 2022 that will shape the automotive industry include,

#1 Sensor Fusion

Top ADAS in 2022Listing one of the Top ADAS Trends in 2022, automotive sensors can be described as the sole entity that is holding the ADAS and connected vehicles in its palms.

Every ADAS-based vehicle is generally equipped with an extensive set of sensors for monitoring the vehicle’s immediate surroundings and to keep drivers from rash driving in check too.

And though multiple sensors are employed for various functions, specific sensors for light detection and ranging (LIDAR), infrared detection and radar brings powerful solutions, both for adaptive cruise control (ACC) that will respond to traffic changes and for systems that will maintain safe distance during high-traffic stop-and-go driving

Top ADAS Trends in 2022 inclines towards enhanced sensor fusion along with signal chain integration that will combine the output of different types of sensors with additional data to enable more predictive types of warnings.

#2 Integration of 5G and Connectivity

Another Top ADAS Trends in 2022 that will break the molds of normalcy is the integration of 5G and its services with ADAS.

Equipped with smart OTA, the new models of cars can now make the best use of existing sensors and hardware setup as OEMs upgrade the new versions with a new set of features.

Another aspect that will serve as an upgrade will be in the field of cybersecurity.

Adding another layer of Top ADAS Trends in 2022, automated predictive maintenance systems and the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) based smart devices within the vehicles with cloud-based applications will bring more sophisticated services soon.

#3 Embedded Vision

Marking its place in the Top ADAS Trends in 2022, Automotive vision systems are now becoming popular as they are essential for identifying and tracking potential hazards.

Apart from ensuring the collection of critical input for high-level warning functions like lane drift or unobserved traffic, these systems give the data needed to support a growing array of services for advanced features like automatic parallel parking or traffic sign recognition for speed-change warning.

Vision systems bring a new level of safety precaution as they serve as driver monitoring systems to warn the driver when their attention begins to wander from drowsiness or distraction.

#4 Automotive HMI Design

Top ADAS Trends in 2022Apart from the above-listed features like improved vision systems, connectivity options, sensors and stable infrastructure, the success of ADAS stands in distraction-free methods of vehicle interaction with the driver.

Though various advances in touchscreen technology have already flooded the market of ADAS that allows easier interaction with passengers even when the vehicle is parked, the Top ADAS Trends in 2022 lies in the integration of advanced human-machine interface (HMI) technologies in vehicular systems.

Touch-free HMI systems ensure solid mechanisms for driver interaction without requiring drivers to move their hands from the steering wheel while driving, thus reducing the risks of collision due to distraction.

# 5 Automotive Systems Infrastructure

Another Top ADAS Trends in 2022 that will serve as the foundation pillar in the ADAS sector is the emergence of real-time operating systems (RTOS).

Automobile Industry not only needs an improved systems foundation in ADAS architectures but also throughout vehicle systems design.

The presence of safety functionality in RTOS and supporting software tools provides automotive software developers and designers a stable assurance of a proven software foundation.


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