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Top 5 DC-DC Converter Companies Leading in 2020

Top 5Emerging applications and technologies are helping in the growth of DC-DC converter. Military & aerospace programs, homeland security, airborne drones, and future warrior technologies are also alongside complementing the DC-DC converters market. Reports cite that existing applications and digitalization and need of low-power will help the DC-DC Converter companies innovate and be a leader in the growing market. DC power supply is used in the applications where a constant voltage is required, DC-DC converters are available in two type, isolated and non-isolated.

BIS in this article list down the Top Five (5) DC-DC Converters Companies Which Has Been Innovating in this Space: 

Vicor Corporation

Leading in Isolated Regulated, Isolated Fixed-Ratio, Non-Isolated Regulated, Vicor Corporation is a leading company offering a vast DC-DC Converter portfolio. Vicor Maxi, Mini, Micro family of DC-DC converters provides high power density and low noise, with advanced power processing in a robust package. Vicor DC-DC Converters efficiency and packaging keeps customers ahead in system efficiency and density and meets the emerging power demands.


Infineon has been a leader in the power semiconductor segment. Infineon offers energy efficient DC-DC converters portfolio. Infineon highest density end-to-end power management solutions including integrated power stages, multi-phase digital controllers and integrated POL converters. Infineon’s The OPTIREG™ Switcher TLS4125x family is a synchronous standalone step-down DC/DC-converter especially designed for automotive applications.


Mornsun is a leading Chinese semiconductor company leading in the DC-DC Converter market. Mornsun offers isolated DC-DC converter, non-isolated DC-DC converter, and high voltage output with package of SMD, SIP, and DMP ranging from 0.25 to 200W. Mornsun DC-DC power converter can be widely used in diverse applications. High-quality, energy-efficient, cost-effective DC-DC converter power supply becomes a perfect solution for your needs.


TDK is renowned company catering into the DC-DC converter domain. With its technical expertise and technology offering, TDK has a major lineup of DC-DC converters under its TDK-Lambda brand. TDK-Lambda bring in its tailored expertise in DC-DC conveter technology. TDK-Lambda includes isolated and non-isolated types to meet various applications along with onboard, power module and unit types. TDK-Lambda boasts high-reliability and long service life made possible with advanced circuit designing technology and high-density mounting technology.


RECOM POWER brings along a decade more experience and expertise in the DC-DC converter domain. RECOM POWER has a vast experience in developing and innovating DC-DC modular solutions. RECOM POWER portfolio is extensive with a variety of sizes, mounting options, operating temperatures ranges, and international certifications. Offering minimal footprint and flaunting compact sizes, RECOM POWER isolated DC-DC converters come in multiple input and output ranges.

Trends in DC-DC Converter Market in 2020 and Ahead

Transition to 5G market and increasing energy consumption are said to drive the DC DC Converter market. Technological advancement and increasing need for efficiency and power management will further boast the DC-DC Converter market. The collective DC-DC market is expected to reach USD 19.8 billion by 2025. Based on the output voltage, the DC-DC converter market has been segmented 3.3V, 5V, 12V, 15V, and 24V, and others.


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